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The Road Ahead: Ukraine, Definder, and Beyond – CEO AMA Takeaways

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with our CEO Alex Bart for an insightful AMA session. We want to thank our amazing community for joining us and for all of your thought-provoking questions.

For those who missed the live session, here are the key takeaways:

Rebuilding Ukraine Through Blockchain

The legislation previously established in Ukraine around blockchain remains valid and presents a huge opportunity for transparency and rebuilding efforts once the war is over. Alex remains committed to re-engaging partnerships in the country across sectors like agriculture, real estate, assets, and startups. The potential for blockchain to facilitate trust and traceability for investors in the rebuilding process is enormous.  Specifically work with SME sector (Small & Medium Enterprise) and Charity sector can already be started now even.

Definder Launch Imminent

We are thrilled to announce that the first peer-to-peer lending projects on the Definder platform are set to launch very soon in Western Europe. Alex explained that the team has been hard at work vetting offerings to ensure only quality gets listed on the platform. This comes after quiet preparations and delays to find the right partners to move forward. The long-awaited launch will provide a major step forward for Definder.

Relaunching SmartLands in the UK

In equally exciting news, Alex shared plans to relaunch SmartLands for real estate tokenization in partnership with a major firm in the UK. This will allow fractionalized ownership of properties and the ability to earn cash flows from rents and capital appreciation. By connecting with the original vision of SmartLands and leveraging new partnerships, the possibilities are endless.  This will be the biggest gamechanger!

DNT Utility Across Platforms

Alex emphasized that both the relaunched SmartLands and the operational Definder will integrate and utilize the DNT token. Specifically, DNT will be used as the method of paying listing fees on the platforms. This dual use case concretely establishes utility and value for DNT.

Self-Promoting Projects Welcomed

While the core platforms are built, a current focus is finding partners with projects that believe in marketing themselves to their own target audiences. The platforms provide the infrastructure while quality projects bring the promotion. This allows for organic growth powered by the community.

Simple DNT Tokenomics

The DNT tokenomics will start simple – focused on payment of listing fees to raise capital on Definder and SmartLands for anything from real estate to smaller growth projects. This clarity provides a straightforward value proposition for the token.

Exploring Sustainability Opportunities

Alex also touched on additional opportunities in sustainability, natural resources, and green technology that could be tokenized through blockchain. Imagine the possibilities of assets like green bonds, carbon credits, or mining rights being fractionalized on the platform.

The AMA provided amazing insight into the progress being made and what lies ahead. We again want to thank our community for the engaging discussion. The full video is available for those hungry for more details. See you soon!