Strategic Update to Smartlands Business Model

In a blog post on Jan 14, in which we discussed some of the changes Smartlands is going to go through in 2020, we gave you the updated roadmap for strategic development of the Smartlands +Smartee ecosystem. 

Over the past several months, we continued to analyse the competences we gained in the last year thoroughly while going through our collective personal and business experiences with a fine-tooth comb. Having consulted with leading experts in the financial sector and studied the aspirations of our current and potential clients rigorously, we have decided to add several more positions to the list of strategic updates for Smartlands, shifting the company’s strategic course into a high gear. 

The following is the outline of the important changes to our business model in the coming year:

  • In 2020, Smartlands will align itself primarily with the interests of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors. Two years ago, we began by focusing on retail crypto investors providing  this group of multinational individuals with a highly sought-after opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios. Having tested this approach meticulously, we have concluded that the market is much better prepared for private wealth management. Note that by no means do we refuse service to retail investors, but we are refocusing our efforts on attracting new types of users to the Platform with a heavy emphasis on professional investor groups. This step will allow Smartlands to diversify its client base and balance our value proposition for a broader range of companies issuing securities on Smartlands.
  • Smartlands begins to collaborate more proactively with global networks of distinguished investment banks, best-known investment houses and asset managers. To achieve this goal quickly and efficiently, we are poised to replenish our ranks with top-tier financiers and technologists from Asia and the US.
  • Beginning with the upcoming digital securities offering on the Smartlands platform by Sotheby’s International Realty UK, we will reformat the fee-levying model on the Platform. Using its infrastructure, Smartlands will charge the Issuer an average fee of 7% of the offering payable in SLT. The percentage may vary depending on the amount of resources necessary to complete the offering. Investors will cover on their own only the transactional expenses using their payment provider with no fee charged by the Platform.
  • Smartee will continue to develop as a Smartlands-powered service for a wide international audience highly diverse by age and financial interests. Smartee’s focus continues to be primarily on two groups: a) young people actively involved with digital assets/cryptocurrencies; b) risk-smart mature blockchain technology fans seeking to store/exchange digital assets and earn extra income by creating, optimising, and diversifying their short-term investment portfolio.

We feel that the above-mentioned measures will strengthen the position Smartlands occupies on the market and provide both issuers and investors on the Platform with a business model that will help us achieve our strategic goals sooner and more efficiently. With this move, Smartlands aims to empower further all Smartlands customers broadening access to bespoke investment opportunities for new types of investors.


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