Ways to Join the Platform

There are different ways to get involved, from using our platform as an investor or issuer to being a part of our friendly crypto society. Please learn more about the opportunities we offer, and welcome aboard!

Asset Owners

Existing challenges in capital raise:

  • Exposure to local investors only
  • Extreme costs of an IPO
  • Restrictions on targeting retail investors
  • Multiple middlemen cause delays and additional costs
  • International transactions face a number of technological and regulatory barriers
  • Title transfer is slow and costly – no opportunity to achieve liquidy for a number of asset classes

We offer:

  • A borderless and inclusive instrument – an opportunity to reach investors all over the world
  • Lower cost of capital for high-quality companies compared to currently available options
  • Simple, convenient, reliable, and agile way to attract long-term investments
  • Access to the capital of crypto investors by accepting cryptocurrencies
  • Elimination of all trust issues related to the register of security token owners. The blockchain-based register cannot be corrupted

Specialist Institutional Investors

What you can expect:

  • Significant settlement cost reduction
  • Secondary market liquidity
  • Easy and fast settlement process

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Retail Investors

Retail investors face investment limitations and barriers:

  • The sky-high minimum threshold for best investment opportunities
  • Yield-starved investment world caused by monetary stimulus leaves few high-yield options for retail investors
  • Small investors face the highest percentage fees
  • Overall transaction inefficiency
  • Multiple middlemen cause delays and additional costs

Our benefits for individual investors:

  • Borderless and accessible to small stakes or retail investors
  • Elimination of all trust issues related to the register of security token owners. The blockchain-based register cannot be corrupted
  • Transparency and accountability based on the relevant legal structure, legal due diligence, highly automated audits, and distributed governance
  • A comprehensive way to invest in multiple real economy projects globally
  • Safe-haven assets for crypto-investors: security tokens should have zero or negative correlation with other cryptocurrencies – the great tool to hedge risks related to cryptocurrencies
  • Much faster settlement and negligible fees comparing to other types of investments

Fundraising Projects/ Issuers

When dealing with physical assets:

  • Ownership recorded by registrars
  • Tedious registration
  • Time-consuming processes
  • Limited possibilities
  • Securitization

Everything is easier with tokenized assets:

  • Ownership recorded on the blockchain
  • Fast remote identification
  • Fractional ownership of an asset is represented by tokens
  • Fast and free ownership transfer
  • Immutable and transparent records kept on a decentralized ledger (blockchain technology)

We offer a ready-made solution:

  • Your branded fundraising platform, online marketplace
  • Streamline transaction process from document review to payments
  • A fully integrated, digitized investor onboarding workflow to manage document submissions, ensure compliance and automate KYC
  • Full circle investment processing: issuing of digital shares, automated subscription processing, payments gateways, standardized compliance across 50+ countries, custody and escrow services
  • Real-time dashboards to track the performance and key metrics of the portfolio and see real-time updates

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Our Community

We have an international army of crypto-enthusiasts. 

Come and join our friendly Smartlands Network Token Community!

Ilia Obraztcov – CEO, Definder:

Our project wouldn’t be the same without the community around it. We have a unique connection developed through several years, and these days we receive enormous support and instant feedback on everything we do. In return, we try to take onboard essential comments and suggestions.


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