Definder platform & DeFi 2.0

Decentralized finance remains one of the main directions of the crypto industry today. At the same time, as DeFi has developed, the structural shortcomings of this area have become apparent—low scalability and high commissions; instability of liquidity and income; problems with the security of smart contracts; and centralization. The Definder team is committed to using new principles and approaches to solve these problems.

The coming bear market will be a test of strength for the entire DeFi industry. We are approaching this time with care and professional curiosity to create a product that will follow the principles of second-generation DeFi.

Main restrictions now:

  1. Most DeFi projects are now focused on the virtual space, where everything is based on token turnover, liquidity pools, staking, and lending mechanisms. There is practically no interaction with the real-economy sector.
  2. Since first-generation DeFi protocols have high gas fees and slow operation, their use often becomes economically unjustified.
  3. Decentralized financial systems rely heavily on information from third-party resources. However, its quality does not always meet the desired standards, which also affects the quality of DeFi projects.
  4. Products based on first-generation DeFi are overly centralized. This feature is contrary to the ideas of the blockchain.
  5. There are serious concerns about the security of many smart contracts. As shown by the latest news, hackers are very interested in DeFi projects.

Definder platform is a crucial component of the ecosystem that will link the real economy with virtual finance. Investors will be able to spread out their risks and put money into legitimate company ventures. Anybody can satiate their own cravings. A location where a strong community will provide candid feedback, point out merits and faults, support financially, and push the project to a conclusion. For investors—to uncover intriguing projects that are worth your attention and may generate profit.

Definder platform has taken into account all the weak points of the system and offers the following solutions:

  1. An absolutely unique approach to linking the virtual and real sectors of the economy. You will be able to own not just a token, but be a partner in the project in the real world and have a direct influence on its development.
  2. The new DNT token is based on Binance Chain’s BEP-20 protocol. With a fully developed platform, low transaction fees, high throughput, and fast block times, BSC has quickly become one of the most popular solutions in the DeFi industry.
  3. The Definder platform has created its own algorithm for selecting projects for the attention of the community. We made sure that the project was audited before presenting it to the community. A simple registration procedure leads you to an easy-to-use ecosystem where you can view, for example, real estate parameters (name, location, amount raised, minimum investment, expected return, terms); multimedia materials, as well as additional documents, including business plans, marketing brochures, etc.
  4. The answer to excessive centralization was the proliferation of DAOs—decentralized autonomous organizations whose members, through online voting, decide most of the tactical and strategic issues related to the development of the project. You, our community, will be able to directly influence the success of the project in many areas, be it marketing or creating a test product. As a rule, the transfer of control into the hands of the community is a sign of the maturity of the project.
  5. To get an idea of ​​the level of security and decentralization in networks, it is important to analyze the number of validators that participate in the consensus mechanism of competing blockchains. Binance Smart Chain supports smart contracts using the Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism, which requires only 21 validators (with the most votes) to reach consensus to validate transactions and add new blocks to the chain. 

We believe that the Definder platform will increase the security of smart contracts, as well as offer users an efficient use of capital. In addition, Definder will work in accordance with compliance requirements, such as AML.  

The importance of DeFi 2.0 technology stems from its potential to democratize finance without harming the market. By enhancing the user experience, DeFi 2.0 also makes an effort to address the problems mentioned in the preceding section. Everyone will gain if we can accomplish this while offering superior answers.

We will soon provide more information about the products, our marketing, our strategy, and all the facts you require. We appreciate you sticking with us and monitoring the project’s progress!