Our Team History

It all started in 2017 with a startup in the UK, and in two years we were ready for our pilot launch of the platform. In 2017, we carried out a pilot project in the UK to tokenize a property. Since then, Definder has evolved into a Alternative real Estate financing and tokanization Hub – a place where top real estate opportunities meet meet with investors. Combining Private lending, Yield Staking, Fractal ownership and Refinancing functionality in one – Definder is revolutionising Real estate financing, empowering entrepreneurs and retail investors.

Arnoldas Nauseda

CEO 2018 – 2020

“This concept can open new sources of investment, rather than, say, simply diverting cash from the IPO market to STOs. If that is the case, more cash will flow into the business support ecosystem.”


Ilia Obraztcov

CEO 2020 – 2022

“Modest returns on low-risk assets will continue to be the Company’s target as it moves beyond real estate. Green energy, commodities and late-stage startups are all being considered.”


Alex David Bart

CEO 2023

“While the infrastructure of tokens is gaining momentum, the pioneers can get first-mover advantage. After all, the early bird does get the worm.”


Maxim Kolyada

CEO 2024

“I aim to bring fast and exciting alternative Real Estate opportunities to our community. My focus is on building a strong foundation for Definder, so that we can scale and take advantage of the most attractive opportunities worldwide and scale the world of decentralized finance.”

Maxim Kolyada

Sam Mokhtari

VP of Global Business Development 2023

“Today, we have a proven marketable business case. We built an international team of top tier specialists. We’ve formed a state-of-the-art legal framework that we consider one of our greatest achievements.”


Nataliia Britten

Senior Marketing Advisor

2019 – 2023

“Collective investment schemes are the best way for retail investors to get real estate exposure. This is a complex asset class and there is value to investment across several projects to spread the risk of failures.”

Investors Chronicle

Inna Storozhenko

Regional Director 2020-2023


“Fintech advances mean income hunters have alternatives to specialist residential reits.”

Investors Chronicle



Smartlands is founded


The testnet version of the platform is launched

Restructuring of the company as an international business, establishing of a corresponding business strategy

Major team expansion, the HQ established in London and the development office in Vilnius

Launch of the Smartlands Platform


First project launch, Nottingham, UK


A strategy review and legal framework updat

Regional Office opening, Kyiv, Ukraine


Launch of the Beta-version of the platform with Ukrainian assets

Updated Wallet Launch

Company rebranding – Smartlands becomes Definder


Conducting token migration from the Stellar blockchain to BEP-20 (swap)

Launch of the decentralized platform DF Platform

Integration of BSC wallets

Mobile App Android Launch


Smart Contract for DF Platform audited

Partnerships with DEX companies for improving the infrastructure

Creation of a workspace management system based on DAO principles

Conduct the first crowdfunding activities

Monitor and improve the fundraising process based on the platform’s users feedbac


Team Expansion: New CEO Maxim Kolyada

Conduct Legal, Technical, and Business audits of the system, smart contracts, and White Paper

Develop new system functionality and design

Initiate the launch of the Decentralized Authority Organization (DAO) functionality

Execute the first project listing within the DAO

Add the Word System and introduce gamification for the community and token holders

Launch the lending pool functionality

Begin consistent listing of alternative real estate opportunities

Commence the license application for crowd lending license in Europe

Monitor and optimize system performance

Further team annd marketing expansion efforts