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DF Platform

P2P crowdfunding marketplace for startups and SMEs

Smartlands Platform

is a platform for tokenization of objects of the real economy

DF Platform

Your Gateway to DeFi Crowdfunding

Funding opportunities and integrated blockchain tools to help startups and SMEs achieve their business targets and build community

DF Platform

What they say

Business Partners
  • Gain access to a range of business opportunities across different sectors
  • Explore high-growth projects that have the potential to generate stable returns
  • Build a diversified portfolio tailored to your tastes and risk tolerance
  • Participate with lower minimum amounts, allowing for greater accessibility
  • Get direct access to project team to develop the project together
  • Enjoy real-time information about projects and integrated blockchain tools
Companies & Startups
  • Create and start crowdfunding campaign in 7 days for any business needs
  • Discover affordable funding with lower fees than traditional sources
  • Get fresh feedback for your business concept from community
  • Gain exposure to international funding opportunities
  • Utilize integrated blockchain tools to enjoy a smooth funding procedure
  • Get dedicated support manager who will help you achieve a business goals

Look how it works

Look how DF works
Look how DF works


DNT is a utility token that is used in the Definder ecosystem.

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DNT is used for the platform’s full operation and payment, as well as in the insurance pool and partner programs. Learn more at DF Club!

Formation of an insurance pool for the purpose of hedging risks for the period of contribution into the crowd loan.

Stake your DNT and make them work! There are two types of staking options – LP Staking and Safe Staking

2017 - The Year it All started

2017 – The Year it All started

It all started in 2017 with a startup in the UK, and in two years we were ready for our pilot launch of the In 2017, we carried out a pilot project in the UK to tokenize a property. Since then, Definder has evolved into a crypto hub for projects in need of funding – a place where crypto communities meet with asset owners who need funding. We invite the crypto community to participate in projects listed on our completely new platform.