Definder. Finding a better way for capital raise and investments.

We leverage decentralized finance to make investing in real-economy assets faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Our digital investment platform unlocks liquidity for asset owners and opportunities for investors worldwide.

Our Product

Tokenization Platform

We develop and support our platform for tokenizing real economy assets including but not limited to profitable real estate, small and medium enterprises, agricultural assets, startups and art.

Our Currency

SLT is our utility token. It is the currency of the platform, SLT is the unit of exchange across all of Smartlands’ own projects, partnering projects, and in outside cases where our white-label solution is used.


SLT is a cryptocurrency of the Smartlands ecosystem. It is limited to a maximum of 7.1mn tokens and runs on the Stellar open-source network.

SLT Wallet

SLT Wallet is a multifunctional toolbox for trading on the Stellar blockchain ensuring ultra-safe storage and trading of SLT. Integrated with our investment platform, it also gives an opportunity to invest in real assets.

Ways to join the platform

There are different ways to get involved in using our platform, as an investor or issuer to being a part of our friendly crypto society.


Asset Owners

We offer:
– An opportunity to reach investors all over the world 
– Lower cost of capital to currently available options 
– Simple, convenient, reliable, and agile way to attract long-term investments


Specialist Institutional Investors

Our benefits:
– Settlement cost reduction 
– Secondary market liquidity
– Easy and fast settlement process


Retail Investors

Just a few benefits to begin with: 
– A comprehensive way to invest in multiple real economy projects globally 
– Low minimum ticket size for retail investors.
– Elimination of all trust issues related to the register of security token owners


Fundraising projects/ Issuers

We offer a ready-made solution: 
– Your branded fundraising platform 
– A fully integrated, digitized investor onboarding, workflow and automated KYC 
– Streamline transaction process from document review to payments

How we got here

It all started in 2017 with a startup in the UK, and in two years we were ready for our pilot launch of the platform. Now, with a proven use case for tokenizing shares in real assets and issuing digital assets, we are launching our alternative investment platform to offer our many listings to an audience resident in EU and Eastern European countries.

Our Roadmap

We have developed our platform and its ecosystem to be flexible and scalable to ensure steady growth and simple geographical expansion. Pursuing our ambitious aim, we have set out the nearest milestones regarding major technical and administrative events.

Our Team

Martin Birch

Non-executive chairman

Ilia Obraztcov


Nataliia Britten


Our Partners

Our platform and SLT token are based on the open network Stellar blockchain

Our constant and reliable partner in identity verification and authentication

Our tech development and support team

We will partner with Neuromation to tokenized their data centers

Together with BIG-U, we are working on funding SMEs

Our key legal partner

Our partner in asset management for corporate and private clients

We are a fully active member of the UAFIC association

The cryptocurrency of our tokenization platform

Our aerial intelligence partner links us with agricultural projects worldwide

Agroxy is working on utilizing our platform for grain traders

Our partner in Singapore, a licensed broker-dealer and STO distributor

Partnering with Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange

Ukrainian International Chamber of Commerce is our link to international trade

Our constant strategy and development adviser

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