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Welcome to Definder, the pioneering hub for alternative real estate financing and tokenization, born in the UK in 2017. Our journey began with a groundbreaking pilot project to tokenize property, setting the stage for a new era in real estate investment. Today, Definder stands as a beacon in the real estate sector, offering a unique platform where lucrative real estate opportunities meet a diverse community of investors.

DF Platform

What they say

Real Estate Parters
  • Gain access to a wide range of private debt financing opportunities
  • Explore scalability opportunities from readily accessible financing lending pool
  • Global accessibility through digital currencies
  • Project marketing , sales and support
  • Connect with global community of investors
  • Get capital for your real estate venture with Definder
  • Lend your crypto to World Class real estate companies
  • Diversify your investment portfolio into lower risk debt investments
  • Invest into real estate with as little as 100$
  • Gain exposure to international investment opportunities
  • Rest secure with your investment protected by anonymity and security of blockchain + Smart contracts
  • Earn, stake, hold and grow!

Look how it works

Look how DF works
Look how DF works


DNT is a utility token that is used in the Definder ecosystem.

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DNT is used for all the internal operations, it gives Voting right in the DAO, allows to lending more easily, and gives users better rewards.

Lending pools allows users to benefit from lending in a more passive manner, investing in a strategy rather then specific project.

Stake your DNT and make them work! There are two types of staking options – Direct Staking and LP Staking on DEX.

2017 - The Year it All started

2017 – The Year it All started

It all started in 2017 with a startup in the UK, and in two years we were ready for our pilot launch of the In 2017, we carried out a pilot project in the UK to tokenize a property. Since then, Definder has evolved into a crypto hub for projects in need of funding – a place where crypto communities meet with asset owners who need funding. We invite the crypto community to participate in projects listed on our completely new platform.