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DF Platform

is an information business platform

Smartlands Platform

is a platform for tokenization of objects of the real economy

DF Platform

Join the revolution in decentralized financial technology with DF Platform! 

Our aim is to create, promote, and profit from innovative ideas and businesses. We provide businesses with smart contracts as well as a platform to showcase their projects as a unique way to attract funding, marketing, and other services. We don’t carry out financial transactions or offer financial services. Instead, for your convenience, we have integrated all the required blockchain tools. With DF Platform, you can become part of a smart community promoting innovation and profit. Don’t miss your chance, join us today!

DF Platform

What they say

Business partners
  • Become a member of the DF platform to safeguard your financial future
  • Become a partner in a company whose values you admire
  • Expand your portfolio with a range of options
  • Use our insurance pool to safeguard your investment
  • Follow the chosen project’s development in its workspace
  • Boost your revenues with all the DF Club advantages
Companies & Startups
  • Successful projects begin from our platform
  • Bring your concepts to life profitably and as efficiently as possible
  • Our platform is your key to success in the digital asset market
  • We provide you with all the necessary tools for successful promotion
  • Get support from our team of experts in all aspects of your project
  • Increase your potential by utilizing a new funding source
  • Build trust in your workplace to increase the value of your investments

Look how it works

Look how DF works
Look how DF works

An agreement is concluded between the partner and the company. Project Card specifies the terms of the transaction supplied by the company. All questions can be discussed with a company representative in the project’s closed telegram chat (workspace). Creation of a Whitelist is also possible at this stage, holding a vote on the transition of the project to the funding stage. These rules are formed by the company. Everything is simple, you just have to try it!

With the help of DEX tools integrated on the platform, make a transaction in USDT to the smart contract of the project, remembering to insure your transaction using an innovative solution – an insurance pool.

The company through a smart contract returns your funds + ROI.


DNT is a utility token that is used in the Definder ecosystem.

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DNT is used for the platform’s full operation and payment, as well as in the insurance pool and partner programs. Learn more at DF Club!

Formation of an insurance pool for the purpose of hedging risks for the period of contribution into the crowd loan.

Stake your DNT and make them work! There are two types of staking options – LP Staking and Safe Staking

2017 - The Year it All started

2017 – The Year it All started

It all started in 2017 with a startup in the UK, and in two years we were ready for our pilot launch of the In 2017, we carried out a pilot project in the UK to tokenize a property. Since then, Definder has evolved into a crypto hub for projects in need of funding – a place where crypto communities meet with asset owners who need funding. We invite the crypto community to participate in projects listed on our completely new platform.