Definder Starts 2024 Strong: New CEO Maxim Kolyada Takes the Reins

A new year represents new possibilities, and 2024 is shaping up to be a high-impact one for Definder. With strategic milestones planned around securing European licensing, doubling down on real estate tokenization, and enhancing tokenomics, immense opportunities lie ahead. 

First and foremost, Definder expresses gratitude to outgoing CEO Alex David Bart for his dedication and efforts in steering the ship throughout 2023. Under Alex’s leadership, Definder not only made strides in forming partnerships and establishing crucial connections but also underwent a significant team restructuring, creating a positive impact. These efforts are expected to be beneficial for the incoming CEO. Even as Alex steps back from daily operations, his guidance will continue to be invaluable through an advisory board role.

Now Definder looks to the future under the seasoned leadership of new CEO Maxim Kolyada. With deep expertise in Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), Corporate Finance, Real Estate and FinTech – Maxim seems tailor-made to guide Definder into its next phase of strategic growth. 

Swiss educated Mr.Kolyada has a bachelors degree in Business Management and Hospitality from the World’s leading university (EHL), with further educations in the Google Project Management, HKU Fintech, and Real Estate Finance. 

Throughout his career, Maxim Kolyada has successfully launched a crowdfunding Defi project with Estonian-based SIA Finfield; Secured over $12 million in funding for Value-add and Hospitality real estate projects and forging successful partnerships with Defi Leaders in (, Multicoin, Bitrex, Multibank). This journey has cultivated a deep understanding of DeFi and the real estate domain, shaping Maxim’s commitment to making a meaningful impact.

As Kolyada steps into his role as CEO, he stated that “I aim to bring fast and exciting alternative Real Estate opportunities to our community. My focus is on building a strong foundation for Definder, so that we can scale and take advantage of the most attractive opportunities worldwide and scale the world of decentralized finance.” The future holds great promise as Definder embarks on this new venture under his leadership.

“We have ambitious plans mapped out for 2024 that will expand Definder’s offerings and reach,” Kolyada remarked. “Our community has been the driving force behind Definder’s growth, and we want everyone to stay involved. I’ll be hosting an AMA session soon so we can connect directly and brainstorm ideas together.”

This engagement reflects Kolyada’s commitment to transparency and user inclusion, pillars of Definder’s ethos since the beginning. By combining seasoned leadership, strategic plans, and community collaboration, Definder is poised for an impactful 2024 full of stable development, real estate and achievements.