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Definder Strategy Update

Legal framework development to start operations in the EU and further expansion to the Asian market.

Working on previously announced plans, Definder always kept true and never veered off its course, following the declared strategy from day one. 

The most important recent developments include:

  • Registration of a company in Liechtenstein and adaptation of our platform to existing business practices in the European Union. 
  • Diversification of geographies for our end product with a focus on Central/South East Asia and the Middle East.
  • Growth through partnerships.
  • Technological improvement of the platform.
  • Internal reorganization of the company structure.

Right now, we are striving to formalize relations with partner banks and custodians. However, at this point, we have concluded that to start operating in the European Union under the Liechtenstein blockchain act, we must change Definder’s operational strategy.

Financial institutions we’ve partnered with in the past have expressed to us in no uncertain terms that our current model is “too innovative” for the current economic climate. It has also been expressed to us that we need to modify some of the foundational business principles of Definder to begin operating under the existing business practices in the ​​tokenized securities sector.

We are happy to report that the process is well underway and hopefully will be concluded by the end of Q1, 2022.

Given the current momentum in the global financial sector and in view of the new challenges we are facing, we are considering moving to a new blockchain. We are currently involved in an in-depth study of all aspects of the transition, and of course, we will be discussing these issues with the community.

Our local Ambassadors are actively involved in shaping the new strategy and are looking for opportunities in Asia and the Middle East. Any input from the community regarding Definder’s move towards the East is welcome; the dedicated email for communicating business ideas and insights is The criteria for your proposal will be published on Telegram and the web. We’ll post all worthy suggestions and recommendations on our website, and the three that proved to be most popular and executable will receive a reward.

In addition to these changes, we see the need to review current partnerships and outline the next steps for developing joint projects. Namely, we plan on renewing strategic partnerships with Globacap, Colliers, and other internationally renowned businesses. We will not stop there and are starting negotiations with other innovative crypto projects that will help us strengthen our position and potentially expand our audience.

Steadily moving along the path of creating a unique platform for fractional tokenization, we have come to the final stage of testing Definder’s new end-to-end business process – from inception to market. At the moment, we are considering several different blockchains for the platform and the new utility token that takes into account the continuously changing requirements for compliance in the security token space.

Over the next few weeks, the system will be ready for alpha testing. Testers will be selected among our Ambassadors, local experts, and the community (fortunately, we can rely on our trusted community in this matter).

Finally, we are not going to deny that while reformulating our philosophy, polishing the message, and significantly improving Definder’s team spirit over the last quarter of 2021, we’ve faced certain dissonance in the teamwork. The need to restructure became apparent; we had to rethink many roles inside Definder, including several top management positions. Some changes were made public. Some are still in the process of a reevaluation. Still, the rejuvenation of Definder is in full swing, and we expect to achieve scale through this necessary process very shortly.

In February and March, we will reveal more details regarding each individual’s function at Definder and open communication channels with that person to the community.

Definder Team