Definder Token Swap

We are ready to begin migrating our token from Stellar blockchain over to Binance Chain’s BEP-20 protocol. Binance Smart Chain provides both Definder and the community many benefits, including non-custodial, high liquidity trading, and a very secure wallet. 

With the move to BSC we gain access to more than 130m of users, involvement of a wider community and better coverage of regional markets all over the globe. This is especially important when we plan to diversify our risks and enter the Asian market. Tokens on Binance Smart Chain have wider applicability and may be traded on decentralized exchanges (Binance DEX, Pancake Swap, etc.) And it is worth noting the technological and partnership opportunities that this swap opens for us. 

Please note that this is a one-way exchange. The exchange is mandatory as SLT token will soon cease to exist. For now, Definder Network Token DNT will be the only token in all Definder projects. Therefore, please make a swap and carefully read this text to the end.


Swap will start on April 30th and last until May 30th, lasting one month. You will receive 2 DNT tokens for every 1 SLT token. We hope this time is enough to take a few simple steps.

The focus group tested the new smart contract as well as the swap. Developers have confirmed that everything works correctly. You can check it yourself during the test week of swap.

What does it mean?

Swap will open as scheduled on the 30th. You can test it yourself by making a transaction according to the instructions indicated on the landing page on the main page of our website.

To secure your assets, for the first 5 days, we ask you to conduct test transactions. The reliability of our bridge will allow you to do this without difficulty. Please be careful when entering a new token into the address bar of the public key. Before confirming the transfer, check the entered data.

Centralized exchanges WhiteBit, HitBTC, CoinsBit that have trading pairs with SLT will swap at the same time in automatic mode. The exact swap date on the centralized exchanges will be published on May 5th, after the end of the test period. We snapshot the price at the time of automatic swap on centralized exchanges. As you know from our WP, 30% of DNT tokens will remain locked until the price reaches a 3 times higher rate than SLT token price at the date of swap.

All transactions with new Definder Network Token DNT will be possible from the first day. DNT is currently listed on Pancakeswap, as well as Metamask and Binance Smart Chain wallet. New Binance resources will be added in the coming days, which you will be the first to know about.

Manual DNT Token Swap – *here*

If you notice any incorrectness or have any difficulties, please fill in the feedback in this document:


Starting June 1st, all SLT tokens stored in inaccessible wallets can be lost. Please do not wait too long to transfer your tokens, otherwise it may be too late. 

SLT tokens will be burned after swap is completed. When we make sure that the maximum number of people have used the swap opportunity, we will burn the tokens. It won’t be instant after swap is completed, but please don’t delay. All information about the destruction of the token will be publicly available on the main page of the project. We will remind you about swap a few more times.

Once again information:

Exchange time: 30/04 – 30/05

Test period: 30/04 – 05/05

You will receive 2 DNT tokens for every 1 SLT token.

For holders – follow the landing page instructions

For traders on centralized exchanges, everything will go automatically.

UPDATE: If you are still an SLT holder, please do a manual swap here:

It is open and working correctly in August 2022. Please read the instructions carefully.

Be sure that you use a hash memo (64 symbols) and make a test transaction first!

Hope the swap will be easy for you. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us: