Definder Welcomes New CMO: Tatiana Kovtuna

As we are continuing to grow we are excited to announce that a world class professional like Tatiana Kovtuna is stepping into as our new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Tatiana brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for democratizing investments, making her the perfect fit to drive our mission forward.

Tatiana Kovtuna began her career in the banking sector, where she developed a strong foundation in finance. Her journey in the fintech industry has been marked by a series of significant achievements, particularly in the alternative investment sector. With a focus on crowdfunding and peer-to-peer investments for retail investors, Tatiana has consistently demonstrated her commitment to making investment opportunities accessible to all.

Tatiana’s dedication to democratizing investments stems from a core belief: the only way to generate more income from existing funds is through investing. She recognizes the challenges that regulators pose, often making the investment process more complex and less friendly for retail investors. Despite these hurdles, Tatiana has been a staunch advocate for simplifying and securing the investment process, ensuring it is accessible to everyone.

Over her career Tatiana was the main force behind €100m+ in attracting investment and project funding. She sees enormous potential in platforms like Definder that offer an easy, democratic, and secure way for people to boost their earnings without a cumbersome onboarding process. The market is ripe for solutions that respond to the growing demand for straightforward and reliable investment options. Under her leadership, Definder aims to reduce the barriers to entry, such as high minimum investments, and streamline compliance requirements to create a more welcoming environment for retail investors.

Tatiana’s appointment as CMO marks a significant milestone for Definder as we strive to redefine the investment landscape. Her unique blend of experience, passion, and strategic insight will undoubtedly propel us to new heights.

We look forward to the exciting journey ahead with Tatiana Kovtuna leading our marketing efforts and helping us achieve our mission of democratizing investments for everyone.