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DF Platform 1.0

Definder is happy to inform you that as of today, August 22, 2022, our users can now use the DF platform for open beta testing.

A new phase in the growth of Definder starts today. We are confident that this is the start of a new, powerful product that will establish itself as a market leader and have the potential to transform the decentralized finance industry. And we’d want to introduce our product to you, our community.

The DF platform serves as a one-stop solution for startups and businesses seeking decentralized financing. Our goal is to create a community that will independently choose projects, take part in their development, provide funding, and generate profits in all spheres of human existence. We are persuaded that virtual resources can improve the real world.

We’ll soon release a number of more significant updates that will improve the usability of the platform. Specifically, the project’s founder, the user interface’s improvement, and the integration of blockchain wallets. By integrating personal wallets, our users will be able to conduct transactions without ever leaving the platform.

The release is just the beginning, as we previously stated. We have a long journey in front of us. We give you access to our platform for its research and evaluation, and we welcome criticism and recommendations for its improvement. Please finish the registration process to use the platform to its full potential. Please share your opinions here.

It is crucial to note that the projects shown are only examples. They were added so that project owners would find it simpler to understand how to best represent themselves on our platform.

Our team is currently hard at work selecting listing proposals for the platform. Real projects will be put on the platform soon following your appraisal and fulfillment of all requests for improving our product.

We appreciate your help. Together, let’s build the DF Platform!