DF Platform: how it works

Can be long time to explore the specificities of the financial market, train in various fields, deposit a large amount of money into your account and still not get the desired income.

Or you can carefully study each project, its rating and independently make a decision and, from anywhere in the world, quickly and safely, financially support the chosen idea. Your Internet is responsible for speed, and blockchain technology is responsible for security. It records every transaction, keeping it on the Internet forever. Sounds good, yes?

Sure, you’ll agree that time is a very important resource. Therefore, we seek to save it and do something no one else can. Our product will enable you to support the project and earn the capital even in your own home. 

The demand for DF platform is proportional to the development of the blockchain, and it, in turn, creates a community. Look, many investors who supported cryptocurrency back in 2009 are currently wealthy people and continue to be part of the crypto community. What gives us this? Just imagine: you have an idea. Not just an idea, but something really essential. The project that will create, help, or even educate, but for its development, finances are needed, which you, for example, do not have enough or not at all. In this case, you can go to the bank, provide a bunch of documents, not get the right amount, and just give up, or you can go the other way. Find like-minded people, find those who want to help, find those with whom you are on the way.

Definder platform provides such an opportunity. Community, whose purpose is to talk with people through projects. Through different projects.

We’ve got a great privilege to create! Be it a missile system or a playground. Both that and that are worthy of attention. 

Behind our platform are people from different countries and directions, but everyone pursues one goal – to help find their own people. If you want financing, we can help you find the projects. If you seek support, we can help you find the funds. Easy!

We gathered all our forces and knowledge, so that by the end of this quarter, you could enjoy the full functionality of our platform. And next month, we will show you our mobile application. 

Now we simply and in detail explain how it will work in only three stages:

Reservation. It’s our first step together. Reservation includes the selection of the project of interest, for example, Project X, the indication of the amount that they are ready to fund and the payment for the use of the platform.

We compile a special register of potential contributors who receive invitations for co-financing and collect applications for the minimum required amount of the crowd-loan. Once it reaches 100% of the low ceiling, you will receive a successful booking email.

Funding. The second step is more voluminous and can be divided into several stages:

  1. A transaction for the indicated amount is made using the blockchain-enabled wallet specified.
  2. Concerned about the risks of our users, we form an insurance pool in DNT tokens. They are frozen for the period of project financing and are returned to you in full.
  3. We established the Supervisory Board with the 10 largest investors. The first participant puts his signature, which confirms the successful transfer of funds to the Project X exchange, if he refuses, then this right is transferred to the next in the rating.

Every month, a report on the results of Project X will be posted on the platform, and each contributor will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with it.

The final step is repayment.

Information about the date of return of finances will be displayed in your personal account. And at the appointed time, Project X will prepare a final progress report. Then, within a week, using a smart contract, you will receive the loan amount, the interest that generates income, as well as an insurance pool.

For the work of our platform, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain was selected, because in our opinion, it is the one that is technologically perfect, the most common and multifunctional. The DNT token, which, as you understand, works on the basis of BSC, will be used at the financing and repayment stages to create an insurance pool as well as the turnover between community participants.

Our community is constantly growing and we will try to meet all its expectations. And if you are not with us yet, then this post is a sign! Think about it… how cool would it be to be a part of many cool projects. Right?

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