From Challenges to Opportunities: AMA Recap and Takeaways from Our New CEO Maxim Kolyada

In a captivating AMA session, Definder’s new CEO, Maxim Kolyada, unveiled an ambitious roadmap to revitalize the platform and position it at the forefront of decentralized, global real estate investing. Backed by a multifaceted background spanning finance, real estate, and the burgeoning Web3 realm, Maxim brings a unique perspective honed through private banking, consulting, and entrepreneurial ventures.

For those who missed the live session, here are the key takeaways:

Rebuilding Trust and Fostering Transparency in Decentralized Real Estate Investing

Acknowledging past challenges, Maxim emphasizes the importance of transparency and open communication with the community. Comprehensive due diligence has been conducted, aligning Definder’s development with evolving regulations in the decentralized finance (DeFi) and real estate investment spaces. Regular updates, AMAs, and community engagement initiatives are planned to rebuild trust and maintain excitement among Definder’s real estate investor community.

Empowering the Community through Decentralized Governance for Real Estate Projects

At the heart of Definder’s revival lies a robust decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance system. An updated DAO voting mechanism will empower the community to evaluate and approve real estate projects, acting as a filter for project listings on the marketplace and lending pools. Tiered reward systems, staking incentives, and voting rights will further incentivize participation.

Streamlining the Real Estate Investment Experience

User experience is a top priority, with plans to simplify the investment process within a few clicks. The updated UI and UX will enable seamless wallet connectivity, project exploration, and investment using DNT or stablecoins. Comprehensive documentation, including an updated white paper, FAQs, and system architecture details, will ensure transparency and clarity.

Unlocking Innovative Real Estate Opportunities

Definder remains focused on real estate, with a particular emphasis on fast-moving and innovative projects that require agile financing solutions. Opportunities lie in areas such as non-fixture hotels, ghost kitchens, staffless gyms, automated retail, and logistics facilities. Ukraine’s post-war rebuilding efforts present significant investment potential, and DeFinder is eager to participate once conditions permit.

Forging Strategic Partnerships for Real Estate Investments

Partnerships with real estate developers, portfolio owners, and asset managers across various regions, including Bali, the Baltic states, the UK, Cyprus, and Spain, are being actively pursued. Collaboration opportunities with entrepreneurs and innovative startups in the real estate space are also on the horizon, potentially structured through special purpose vehicles for real estate investments.

Driving Token Value and Platform Growth for Decentralized Real Estate Investing

Increasing the value of the DNT token is a top priority, achieved through active use cases, token staking rewards, and investment incentives. Token buy-back and burn mechanisms, as well as allocating platform revenues to token burns, are planned to reduce the circulating supply. Team expansion, including a marketing director and legal partners, is already underway, setting the stage for scalability and business expansion in the decentralized real estate investment space.

Final Thoughts

Maxim’s vision for Definder is both ambitious and rooted in practicality. By tapping into the power of decentralization, community governance, and strategic partnerships, the platform aims to transform the landscape of real estate investing. Emphasizing transparency, user-centricity, and innovative opportunities, Definder is set to find his place in the industry.

As we move forward, keeping you in the loop through regular updates, engaging AMAs, and involving the community becomes crucial. These steps are essential to building trust, sustaining excitement, and ensuring long-term success. With Maxim steering the ship and the collective efforts of our dedicated team and community, Definder’s future looks bright. Actions speak volumes, let ours be the voice.