Goodbye SLT – we burned all tokens.

Today we have burned 6,027,585 SLT, which equals 84% ​​of the total old SLT token supply. That is the percentage of users who successfully completed a swap. As promised, these tokens are irrevocably and permanently withdrawn from circulation. It’s also worth noting that we’re permanently delimiting SLT from all CEXs so as not to mislead users. Unfortunately, 16% of the tokens are in other holders’ wallets and we do not have access to them. Every day we receive new swap requests, so we decided to keep the SLT smart contract open a little more to allow users to withdraw their assets. At the moment, there are no live trades with the SLT token, and it does not carry any financial value in the long term.

It is important to note that the remaining SLTs will not affect our development of the platform or the price of DNT in any way. We are fully focused on the DNT token. The main trading exchanges for DNT are WhiteBit, Coinsbit and PancakeSwap.

We remind you that DNT is a utility token for all Definder products. DNT will be used to form an insurance pool for decentralized crowd-loan projects, conducted and managed by the Community. All the transaction fees applicable within the Definder Platform will also be paid in DNT. With the development of Definder Platform and other products of the Definder Network voting and other rights may be attributed to DNT.

UPDATE: If you are still an SLT holder, please do a manual swap here:

It is open and working correctly in August 2022. Please read the instructions carefully.

Be sure that you use a hash memo (64 symbols) and make a test transaction first!

Hope the swap will be easy for you. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us: [email protected]

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