Season’s Greetings

Dear Community, 

It was a year of thorough preparation for the main launch and we are truly proud to look back and see what is accomplished so far.

We had a soft launch of the platform and upgraded the principal functionality for individual investors. With our marketplace came a renewed SLT Wallet and this ensured stable trading, storage, and staking of our token.

We engaged 9 new strategic partnerships and held hundreds of meetings with the owners of real estate, SMEs, and other types of assets to line up a massive pipeline of the listings.

We ran a test deal on the platform and started fee pool distribution. We have restructured as a group of companies and undertaken company rebranding. 

The following milestones will ensure we maintain our excitement and be ready for the next steps. We begin the new year and a new stage of our project that will introduce a better way for people to invest.

Happy Holidays!

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