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Smartlands January Achievements, Triumphs, and Updates

Welcome to another edition of the Smartlands Newsletter – your monthly recap of the best breaking news and updates.

Jan 2020 has been marked by a series of developments that are sure to make this traditionally  uneventful month stand out in the entire history of the company. Without a doubt, the update to our strategic roadmap is a centerpiece of the importance cake. Rest assured that the general direction of Smartlands remains unchanged – we continue to push for the development of Smartlands + Smartee as a global investment and digital banking ecosystem, and our US expansion is still in full force as well as the UK Sotheby’s offering that’s currently undergoing final stages of preparation. Read the full report here.

In light of the strategic update, we felt that changes needed to be made to the Smartlands business model. Given our current market position, the focus of the company is shifting towards the interests of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors. In no way that is to say that we are leaving behind our long-time supporters in the retail sector, not at all. As John Wick would put it, ‘we have served, and we will be of service.” But having consulted with leading experts in the financial sector and studied the aspirations of our current and potential clients rigorously, we have concluded that the market is much better prepared for private wealth management at the moment. However, we remain confident that ultimately this model will benefit all users of the Smartlands Platform. Read the full report here.

Smartlands Roadmap 2.0 – Update

It is customary to overhaul and update one’s strategic goals at the onset of a given period. If done at the beginning of January for the entire year, it’s called a “New Year’s resolution” and forgotten as soon as the weather precludes us from visiting the gym. However, the difference between an individual’s promise to self and a roadmap for a business is glaringly apparent… Read more

Strategic Update to Smartlands Business Model

Over the past several months, we continued to analyse the competences we gained in the last year thoroughly while going through our collective personal and business experiences with a fine-tooth comb… Read more

Smartlands Reviews SLT Reserve Requirements Following Business Model Changes

Smartlands business model is currently undergoing a transformational phase, during which we intend to reevaluate some of our priorities and map out a new direction for the company. In light of this development, we feel the need to make some changes to the current SLT economics… Read more

Smartlands’ Way of Seeking Out Best Talent on the Market

One of the reasons Smartlands is conducting a sale of an equity stake in Smartlands Holding LTD is to raise enough capital to beef up our internal engineering team. As you can imagine, the need for such a measure didn’t appear out of thin air: we are way passed the startup stage in our development, and to scale globally we need the best talent on the market. However, the question posed by reality is this: where and how to get it?..Read more 

Smartlands Сooperates with London Strategic Consulting to Assess Digital Securities Space in the UK

As a part of corporate social responsibility program, Smartlands cooperated with a student-run non-profit consultancy London Strategic Consulting to assess the digital securities space in the UK and provide a fresh perspective on the place Smartlands is destined to take in it…Read more

Smartlands Embraces 5MLD: Tighter KYC Checks Lead to Enhanced Trust and Productivity Boost

Remember the infamous Panama Papers? We do, and, apparently, so do the EU member states whose reaction to rampant syphoning of billions offshore by some of the most prominent statesmen and members of the global société was to draft new regulations for preventing the funding of criminal and terrorist activities through the financial system…Read more