Smartlands-powered Smartee to Offer Number of Options to Investors in P2P Loans

Despite recent setbacks, the peer-to-peer lending industry continues its rise because neither market nor social conditions for its ascension have changed: the demand for safe and direct investment mechanism has never been higher, particularly from individuals who cannot get financed other than obtaining a loan from their peers. SMEs want access to fast and reliable funding, investors want better than average returns, and the economy at large needs an influx of global liquidity that would redefine the concept of “money at work.” All signs point in the right direction.  

Considering all of the above, Smartlands-powered Smartee‘s arrival couldn’t be timelier. By now, you should know what Smartee is: a friendly and secure mobile app that lets you earn, store, and spend your cash easily. The app features a multi-currency wallet for storing and transferring all your EUR and the most popular digital currencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC) and makes virtually any operation with fiat money or digital currency a breeze. 

On top of all that, Smartee gets you a contactless payment card for almost everything – online payments, cash withdrawals – and much more. The “much more” part is the subject of today’s conversation.

The Smartee Marketplace

Investing and reinvesting with Smartee is going to be made as easy as it gets. One unique function that the app is going to offer its users is the ability to set aside a small portion of the  amounts they transact with Smartee and invest the accrued funds in something as lucrative as P2P loans globally. But nobody limits a user if he or she wants to go big and deposit more funds to invest using the global network of loan originators Smartee will make available to you. The point is, you can start as small as a few bucks and set the sky as the limit of how big you want to go.

How it works

Things couldn’t be simpler. A Smartee user deposits funds in his or her account, at which point they are able to  provide a loan to a legal entity or natural person who wants to finance their business or just needs some quick cash. The loan (or a fraction thereof, if you decide to buy a small fraction of a loan) will be issued by one of many different lending companies/originators around the world.

What you will be able to do is bypass banks and choose personally a type of loan you would like to provide. Unlike with bank-issued loans, you will be able to choose the risk-reward level, the industry, and a country of the loan’s origin.

The multitude of options may seem scary, but the global network of companies with a transparent track record and excellent expertise in the field will help you sort things out quickly and easily. Loan originators themselves will be scored by Smartee to provide you better understanding of how well are they doing their job.

Cherry on top

Smartee users will get access to top firms specialising in loan origination in such in-demand sectors of the economy as agriculture, automotive, mortgages, invoice financing, different types of consumer loans and others. Most of those companies offer an option for a guaranteed buyback (if repayment of a loan is delayed by more than a specified number of days, then the loan originator is obligated to buy back the loan) and average returns higher than real estate or bank deposits – usually 10-11% of the amount invested. And what’s even better, you will have a chance to exit anytime – just sell your investment on the secondary market, or withdraw your investment from a loan early for a minor fee.

Is P2P Lending with Smartee cool? You bet!

Investing in P2P loans is made easy when you use Smartee – just navigate through the list of loans to choose the one you like and set the investment amount. The returns are highly competitive and you begin earning immediately. And best of all, everything you need to know about your investment (client details, transactions, scheduling, reporting, etc.) is right in front of you on the screen of your mobile device!




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