DF Platform White Paper 

About Us

Definder represents an international group of companies united by a mission to crowd-financing in real-economy assets.

DF Platform is the first in a line of products of Definder Network, is a vehicle for decentralized funding of businesses and real-economy assets with a crowdloan. DF Platform is a cloud-based application that provides information services for users (asset owners and investors). Product is built on the principles of DAO, where all decisions are made by the community of a chosen project. DNT is a native utility token of DF Platform. DNT will be used to form an insurance pool for decentralized crowd-loan events, conducted and managed by the Community.

Our team has been working on the blockchain real-economy market since 2017 under the Smartlands brand. The testnet version of the technological platform was launched in 2018. We have launched the production Smartlands platform in 2019 and run the first assets tokenization project in Nottingham, UK. In 2021, we rebranded our company to Definder and sharpened our business model according to the latest trends in the industry.

Definder Team

The team of Definder is committed to support operational activities and further develop of DF Platform according to roadmap:

 April, May 2022Token migration from the Stellar blockchain to BEP-20 (swap)
May 2022Opening a representative office in Asia
July, August 2022Launch of the decentralized platform DF Platform
July, August 2022Launch of the mobile version of the platform
September, October 2022Launch of the mobile app (IOS, Android)
October 2022New partnerships with leading ecosystems
September, October 2022Integration of BSC wallets 
November, December 2022Partnerships with diverse Crypto funds 
End 2022Multi-Grid Ecosystem

The team’s plan for 2023-2024 is scaling and improving the product, by adding useful and necessary functions for the user: wallet integration, a convenient mobile application, an internal rating system for users and projects, partnerships and company listings and all kinds of development. Definder will update its roadmap with a clearer plan soon.

About DF Platform

DF Platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain network and employs advanced blockchain technology with fast, cheap, secure transactions and extended capabilities.

The idea of Platform is to provide open, unregulated access to the platform to facilitate and accelerate real estate and other real-economy assets funding transactions. We strive to eliminate all burdensome steps on the platform that make onboarding or operating difficult for both crowd and business.

Thus, for onboarding to the platform, there is no need to go through the classic KYC – just indicate your email address and wallet address from the real estate will be funded.

Even for unregistered users, the system provides general information about real estate and essential parameters for decision making.

As a result, a simple onboarding procedure brings you to an easy-to-use marketplace where you can view property parameters (name, location, raise amount, minimal investments, expected returns, terms); multimedia materials, as well as additional documents including business plans, marketing brochures, etc.

If you have decided to invest, you need to transfer a symbolic amount for the reservation and to indicate your interest.

After that, you just have to wait for the notice when participation in funding becomes available. You transfer the funding amount to the fundraising wallet, and you just have to follow the repayment process and receive your interest.

Despite the simplicity of the process, we took care of protecting your funds:

  • We have a multi-signature wallet for fundraising. The second signature belongs to the Foundation.
  • Insurance pool is formed in the amount from 5% to 10-15% of the sum of the consolidated loan. Insurance pool will serve as a guarantee fund for clients’ deposits.
  • The Supervisory Board is formed from the top 10 contributors. It allows decentralization of decision making concerning further operations.
  • Communication channels will be made for all contributors to the crowdloan, where they will be encouraged to vote for the projects to be admitted to a crowdloan, assess risks inherent to the project, elect a controlling representative of the Community over the target of the crowdloan, as well as participate in other decision-making events.

Summarizing the above, our platform:

  • Provides a place for the meeting of investors and businesses without excessive bureaucracy;
  • Supports a simple and transparent process of reservation, funding and repayment at all stages;
  • Provides protection and security to your funds.

You can find the detailed operational process of the platform below.


New business model in conjunction with a new chain provide next values:

For crypto community:

  • Unprecedented access to investment projects in the real-economy globally;
  • Insurance pool 5-15% (depending on the level of risk) as a hedge against risks;
  • Low threshold for entering a project;
  • Absolute data security and maximum transparency of all blockchain-based transactions;
  • Lightning-fast settlements and low commissions.

For assets owners

– Proprietary tools for borderless capital raise; 
– Unique algorithm for attracting strategic investors; 
– Lower cost of capital compared to traditional alternatives;
– Decentralized community-ran platform for fundraising.

For Definder Team

  • Flexibility and new functional features in connection with decentralized Binance Smart Chain;
  • More rapid product and service development;
  • Reserved funds (30% of issuance) will be used for further development of the ecosystem, will support operational/development/marketing activities and be used for remuneration/motivation of management.

Listing of the Crowdloan Targets at the Platform

In order to be listed on DF Platform and become a crowdloan target, the owner of the project will submit the following information:

(1)Project category: business or startup. Brief description of the project, no more than 10 lines.

(2) A detailed description of the project, indicating its objectives, the purpose of the crowd loan, the planned financial results (ROI for investors), the amount of fundraising, and the number of planned rounds. It is also necessary to indicate the terms of the crowd loan repayment and ROI.

(3) Provide information about the early successes of the team, and a description of the professional and business experience of the team or company (including unsuccessful stories);

(4) Attach documents regarding company registration, development product, as well as other documents that you consider necessary to provide for public review;

(5)The actual location and permanent presence of the team or company (physical address);

(6) Be prepared to provide interim financial statements on the expenditure of funds raised.

All this data shall be made available to the Community participating in a crowdloan.

Projects are divided into two categories depending on the degree of risk and profit: startup and business.

 Project documentationOptionalRequired
Financial indicatorsOptionalRequired
Web site /social networks (project)OptionalRequired
Photo / video materialsRequiredRequired
Social networks (Founder, CEO, PM)RequiredRequired
Duration of decision-making3 months +1 month +

Business Model

DF Platform is built on the Binance Chain network and employs advanced blockchain technology with fast, cheap, secure transactions and extended capabilities.

The process of asset funding on DF Platform is described below:


1.1 Choose the project

You choose a project that is within the scope of your vital interests or you consider investment attractive.

1.2 Become a part of community

In order to join the project workspace, you make a donation in DNT token, equivalent to USDT (as a rule, for startups the recommended amount is 5 USDT in DNT, and for businesses – 10 USDT in DNT). This amount may change as the project develops.

The project workspace in the Telegram conversation is then accessible, allowing you to fully converse about the project:

  • communicating with the project team;
  • enquire about the project’s business description;
  • participate in the vote on whether to launch a funding round;
  • provide different types of transaction consolidation besides those listed on the platform;
  • Use your own marketing methods to promote the project; 
  • share additional information.

Future choices for the workspace will include the community board of directors, control, consulting, and more.

1.3 State the amount of funding

We ask you to enter how much you intend to contribute in this project during the voting stage. We also ask that you carefully read the contract regulating the use of our platform to provide information services.

After receiving more than 50% of the total intended collection of project funding applications, voting is deemed to be finished. The project owner sets the voting period, which must adhere to the platform’s specifications: for businesses, it must be at least one month long; for startups, it must be at least three months long.

The voting phase concludes after three days and is followed by the funding phase.


The funding stage comprises rounds that the project owner declares, and it may be understood by the logic that the project must collect at least 51% of the announced amount of fees in the first round, 75% in the second round, and 100% in the third. Terms of rounds should not exceed one month for businesses and three months for startups. Changes may be made to the terms and the amounts.

2.1 Fund

Fund the project by making a transaction in a stable coin to the wallet address of the project owner. For a faster transition to the next stage and confirmation of the transaction, we ask you to send links to the transactions of the insurance pool and the project owner’s wallet.

2.2 Put the insurance pool in DNT

You should make a transaction to the insurance pool wallet, which is mentioned in the project card in DNT tokens in USDT equivalent, in order to pass the funding step. Use the investor calculator found in your personal account for simple calculations.

2.3 Overview the project performance

All community members who supported the project by voting and funded it remain in the workspace until the end of the final stage.

Community members in the project workspace can:

  • Control the entire process of actual financing of projects;
  • Request additional information about financial costs;
  • Give advice and recommendations;
  • Promote the project through your own marketing channels.

A round at the funding stage is considered failed if the project has collected less than 50% of the planned funds. In this case, a decision is made to delist the project or return it to the voting stage. This decision is made by voting of participants in the workspace at the initiative of the project owner, by simple majority voting (50% + 1 vote). After the decision to delist the project, the smart contract within 3 days after the end of the round returns you to the wallet specified in your personal account stablecoins and DNT tokens from the insurance pool.


The completed stage lasts until the project’s completion date and starts as soon as the full planned amount is successfully raised in one of the funding rounds. The smart contract then transfers coins from your personal account to your wallet over the course of the following six days:

1) The amount you contributed to the DNT in the insurance pool;

2) The amount in stablecoins to finance the project;

3) ROI of the project in stablecoins.

The platform shall distribute the insurance pool to the Community in DNT, previously locked for the term of the Loan.

The Platform shall not be responsible for the risks of late repayment, general default, or partial non-payment of a consolidated loan by the Borrower. The platform is responsible only for the preservation and return of the insurance pool to investors in proportion to the deposits at the end of the consolidated loan term.

However, for the purpose of safeguarding the Community interests the consolidated loans will be collateralized by assets of the Borrower where applicable.

The Supervisory Board, by a simple majority vote, shall designate and authorize one representative who will be a signatory to agreements, perform the role of social network administrator, etc. All communication will take place through the messenger chosen by a majority vote (presumably telegram).

About DNT 

DNT is a native utility token of DF Platform which remains identical to SLT by its legal nature. Definder Network Token (DNT) issuance is limited to a maximum of 21,548,097 tokens and runs on the Binance Smart Chain.  The DF Platform will evolve in two ways regarding how DNT will be utilized:

  1. Payment of a symbolic fee at the stage of voting of a share in the particular “crowdloan target.”
  2. Formation of an insurance pool for the purpose of hedging risks for the period of contribution into the crowd loan. DNT will be locked for the whole crowd loan period related to a particular target and paid back at the end of the loan period (repayment due date). This will remove part of the tokens from circulation. For high risk projects such as gaming development, for example, the insurance pool contribution to be locked will constitute up to 15% from the crowd loan contribution amount, however, made in DNT. In this example, with contributing 1000 USDT into a crowd loan, you buy from 5% to 15% equivalent in DNT and lock it at the insurance pool for the period of the loan.  

DNT will be used to form an insurance pool for decentralized crowd-loan events, conducted and managed by the Community. All the transaction fees applicable within the DF Platform will also be paid in DNT. With the development of DF Platform and other products of the Definder Network voting and other rights may be attributed to DNT.

Existing holders of Smartlands Network Token (SLT, https://slt.finance/) are able to swap their SLT tokens to new DNT with a rate 1:2. Holdings on crypto exchanges where SLT is listed was swapped automatically on May 16th, 2022. Holders having their SLT savings at external crypto wallets are able to swap SLT to DNT on the Definder landing page until the end of 2022. The SLT smart contract will cease to exist by the end of 2022.

30% of DNT issue is reserved for strategic investors and partners who will contribute to enhancement of technology and marketing. Definder team and the community are interested in promoting their product and are interested in finding partnerships aimed at scaling the project. 30% set aside for goals cannot be sold unless the price is three times higher than the DNT token price on the swap date. Snapshot price was taken on May 30th and it is 0.19c. The maximum amount we can transfer to one partner in a calendar year is no more than 20% of the reserve tokens and cannot and cannot be sold at the same time. In addition, the sale price cannot be lower than the previous average market daily price.


Given the deep social crisis the world is in right now, the DF Platform team strives to provide both members of the global business community as well as ordinary people with a complete set of tools for investing in the real economy. 

We are actively working to expand financial inclusion around the world using the latest crowdfunding technologies based on blockchain, big data, AI and other innovative solutions.

Legal Disclaimer


1. The Definder Network Token (DNT) White Paper is presented for informational purposes only and doesn’t constitute an agreement or other contract.

2. Nothing in the Document shall be construed as an offer to sell or buy securities in any jurisdiction, a solicitation for investment, or investment advice. The present Document does not regulate any sale and purchase of the Definder Network Token (DNT). The sale and purchase of the Definder Network Token (DNT) is governed by the Terms and Conditions.

3. Several estimates, phrases, and conclusions incorporated in the White Paper constitute forward-looking statements. Such statements or information concern matters that involve uncertainties and risks, which may result in material differences from the results anticipated.

4. The White Paper may be updated or altered, with the latest version of the Document prevailing over previous versions, and we are not obliged to give you any notice of the fact or content of any changes. The latest version of the White Paper in English is available at the website https://definder.global. Although we make every effort to ensure that all data submitted in the White Paper is accurate and up to date at the point in time that the relevant version has been disseminated, the proposed Document is not an alternative to consulting an independent third-party opinion.

5. The White Paper and the related documents may be translated into languages other than English. Should a conflict or an inconsistency arise between the English-language version and a foreign-language version, the English-language version of the Document shall govern and prevail. 

6. The White Paper does not constitute an agreement that binds DF Platform, its directors, officers, employees, and associates do not warrant or assume any legal liability arising out of or related to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any material contained in the White Paper. To the fullest extent permitted by any applicable law in any jurisdiction, DF Platform shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other losses arising out of, or in connection with, the White Paper, including, but not limited to, loss of revenue, loss of income or profits, and loss of data. Persons who intend to purchase Definder Network Tokens (DNT) should seek the advice of independent experts before committing to any action set out in the White Paper. 

7. You do not have the legal right to participate in the Definder Network Tokens (DNT) digital asset public sale if you are a citizen, a resident of (tax or otherwise), or a green card holder of the United States of America (including Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and any other protectorate of the United States) or other representatives of the United States or any jurisdiction where the issue of Definder Network Tokens (DNT) would be illegal or subject to any requirement for registration, licensing, or lock-up. “A representative of the United States” means a naturalized person resident in any of those jurisdictions or any institution organized or registered in accordance with the laws of any of those jurisdictions. According to the laws of the United States, citizens of the United States living abroad can also be considered “US representatives” under certain conditions.

8. The team can make additions to the above document if it does not contradict the logic and business model of the platform, and will also be aimed at improving the technology of product promotion and project scalability.