Arnoldas Nauseda and Stellar’s Jed McCaleb Discuss Smartlands’ Strategic Plans on the Margins of Money20/20 Asia

As you all know, the reason for our coming to Money20/20 Asia was to launch the Smartlands STO campaign and declare to the world that our FCA-regulated Platform is fully ready to swing for the fences.

A lesser-known reason for us to come to Singapore was to meet with our old friend, a true inspiration for the Smartlands cause, the brainpower behind Ripple, Stellar, and a few other groundbreaking blockchain apps, a bona fide rock star of crypto Jed McCaleb.

Jed stopped by our booth to sit down with Smartlands CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda, to discuss the economics, physics, and mathematics of our grand plan to continue to tokenize real economy assets on the Stellar-based Smartlands Platform.

Arnoldas and Jed have gone over some of our most recent achievements, particularly those we’ve come to Money2020 Asia to announce. We’ve exercised our bragging rights regarding the acquisition of Shojin Financial Services, which completes the Smartlands’ legal framework and makes Smartlands an FCA-regulated Platform. Arnoldas and Jed discussed the launch of the STO campaign and the unveiling of the first of many assets and asset classes to be tokenized on the Smartlands Platform, and then the two shared their vision of the collective future of Stellar and Smartlands.

The ideas were many, and the conversation could have gone on indefinitely, had it not been for the long succession of meetings packed extremely tight on both executives’ schedules. A firm handshake – and Jed went on to spread the word on his latest win, World Wire – an IBM-authored, Stellar-based cross-border payment solution, while Arnoldas began preparations for the meeting with Jesse Lund, Executive VP of Blockchain, IBM. More on that on Friday.