Community Vote on Smartlands Platform’s Pipeline of Projects is Concluded (Details Inside)

Smartlands Platform announces the conclusion of the community vote on the pipeline of projects presented to the SLT holders on October 31. We wish to extend our utmost gratitude to the Smartlands community for a great turn-out. The overwhelming numbers of the participants in the vote signify the immense interest of the community to work Smartlands Platform has been doing for the last year as well as the deep personal belief of each voter in the outcome of our enterprise.

The vote also indicates the tremendous interest for tokenization of assets in London and Vilnius. Today, armed with the vote of confidence from our community, we are concentrating our efforts on these assets. We are continuing our work on agreements with the asset owners, creating additional channels for communications and logistics, and finalizing the legal framework so that we can open the registration for the first investors as soon as possible. Our technical partners assure us that all necessary preparations for that can and will be done in a couple of weeks. Throughout the project’s development, we will keep the community abreast of any and all new information.