How to Buy Security Tokens on the Smartlands Platform

The recurring inquiry on all of our social platforms is how to use our Smartlands platform. Given that the platform is due to go live in less than two weeks, we feel that now is the time to address this pressing issue.

We have prepared this easy to read overview of the succession of steps the user would take. As you can see, the entire procedure promises to be highly intuitive and accessible even to novice users.

Once you log-in to your account, you’re able to browse projects. Note that only verified users can view the entire Platform. As soon as you get verified, you can select a project and  click on it to discover details.

Review the project. We strive to provide a comprehensive description of projects, but if you have questions,  ask them! We maintain several channels of communications with our community so that you’re able to reach us anytime, anywhere.

This is where users tell us how many tokens they  want to purchase.

Choose your payment method. Smartlands Platform offers investors payment options in regular fiat currency as well as in cryptocurrency.

The bank transfer option is fairly self-explanatory, we are sure that you’ve already done it once or twice in your life. So that you know, paying with crypto is much easier; you can do it in seconds without having to step away from your computer screen.

Confirm payment – one of the most pleasant buttons to push on the Platform!

…and here’s one of the most pleasant notifications: “Transfer successfully completed!”


That’s it! Now you can see how simple and straightforward our platform design is!