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Ilia Obraztsov, Smartlands Platform’s VP of Technology, to have a Q&A Session on Reddit

Hey, all!

We’ve finally managed to pluck Ilia Obraztsov, the Smartlands Platform’s VP of Technology, from his mountain layer where high-voltage circuits are buzzing, and blinking indicators, gauges, dials, and displays are liable to cause more susceptible visitors to have an epilepsy attack.

On Thursday, Jan 17, @ 15:00 EET (13:00 GMT), Ilia is stepping way out of his comfort zone and logging onto the Smartlands Reddit page to answer your questions about the technical aspects of the Platform – things like protocol for issuing securities on Stellar, platform signer, account recovery options, multi-accounts controlled via a single private key, bulletin board, fiat anchors, MTF securities exchange, audits, automation of dividend payments, and lots of other important stuff.

So, make sure to load your question hump well – you’re going to need your reserves in full on Thursday! And Ilia… Well, let’s just say he’s very excited to engage with the community and mix things up a bit: look how happy he is to do this!!!