July Newsletter

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Arnoldas Nauseda takes the reins as CEO for Smartlands

We are honored that our global team is expanding, further validating our approach to asset tokenization. We are pleased to announce that Arnoldas Nauseda has joined Smartlands, as our CEO. Arnoldas has a long history of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in the banking and fintech industry. Prior to joining Smartlands, he spent four years as a full–time entrepreneur, developing businesses in the fields of technology, fintech, and robotics.

Smartlands Sets Up Strategic Partnership with Thistle’s Innovation Hub

The Smartlands team visited London Fintech Week, an event at the forefront of fintech innovation in the UK. Our game-changing platform was featured amongst international companies exhibiting during the week, including FinTech disruptors, Blockchain and crypto-finance companies and startups. Our team took this chance to establish strategic new partnerships in one of the world’s leading financial service ecosystems. During the event we set up several important partnerships that will help us to complete the legal framework when expanding into the UK. With so many fascinating moments, productive meetings and opportunities to mention, we’ve chosen a few important highlights about our important partnership with Thistle and Resolution, which we can share with you.

Smartlands Offers a Balanced Way of Raising Capital

Raising capital is an essential need for any company that has attractive investment opportunities. The ability to get funding timely and effectively is crucial for the creation of additional value by companies. Long term investments for innovative and aggressive growth strategy are the hardest to get. In many cases, IPO is the only option that is available for mid and large-sized established companies, due to significant upfront costs and strict rules. ICOs that emerged recently have broken down some of these barriers, but created another set of problems: no accountability and transparency, legal risks due to lack of legislation, etc. So, it is only logical for businesses to seek out a more balanced way of raising capital. Find out why choosing the crowdfunding ABT offering option is the best out of the three.

Why Asset Tokenization is the Strongest Cryptocurrency Trend Right Now

The world is filled with assets, including real estate, stocks, gold, oil, amongst many others. Most of these assets are not easily transferable or subdividable physically. A switch to a digital system along the lines of blockchain presents a viable solution to these problems, hence the growing interest in tokenization of assets. Despite the attention, tokenization and its implications are yet to be properly understood and appreciated. In fact, technologists and financial intermediaries continue to stir up interest on how to move real assets into a blockchain while retaining inextricable connections between a token and an asset. Check out some useful insights on why tokenization is trending, why Stellar is becoming more popular than ever, and why it is the perfect choice as the blockchain for tokenization.

Smartlands Platform Launches Stellar-based Voting System for Decentralized Management

Smartlands Platform has launched the first voting system on the Stellar network, with the ability to vote on multiple issues simultaneously. It’s the first voting system for decentralized management released on a major blockchain network, that costs virtually nothing to operate for both the organizer and voters. It will be available for both SLT holders and ABT investors. When developing a voting system for the Smartlands ecosystem, we have analyzed the best practices, as well as feedback and wishes to make the voting system functional, simple, and convenient. Read how the system works here.

We prepared a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Smartlands Voting System for Decentralised Management for your convenience.

Next Steps

The Smartlands team is now focused on the implementation of KYC. Across business sectors, Know Your Customer, or KYC, is an important practice that serves as the backbone of global anti-financial crime efforts. Implementing KYC procedures is one of the key requirements  to run crowdfundings in compliance with legislation.

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