May Newsletter

It is the right time to share the most important recent news that happened in May, 2018.

Legal Roadmap

The release of the legal roadmap brings the team one step closer to the legal framework as one of the key tasks of the Smartlands Platform’s development.

The legal framework for assets tokenization will feature peculiarities for different industries to provide a tailor-made solution given different nature and characteristics of assets. Real estate itself is an investable asset class, therefore, the tokenization solution is the most straightforward and can be introduced within the shortest period.

It is important to note that it is one of the first blockchain-based assets tokenization solutions to show the way it works in legal terms. Smartlands is excited about a powerful boost it will give to tokenization on the Stellar network. We are sure that Stellar can spearhead the trend of connecting real economy with the blockchain world.

The first legal roadmap is provided for commercial property tokenization as one of the key markets for the Smartlands Platform.

Smartlands Wallet update

Smartlands developers team released an update of Stellar-based Smartlands Wallet with new features on 14th of May. The implementation of the wallet’s new trading features are in line with the investment banking focus and future evolution of the Smartlands Platform. The most recent updates from 22nd of May provides more transparency in trading and control of a personal account.

The Smartlands Wallet was added to the list of Stellar-based wallets on the official list. Being in the list of Stellar wallets is important to get better awareness of the Smartlands Platform and building the trust of the Stellar community.

The next steps related to the Smartlands Wallet’s development are сoncerned with the existing features and general optimization for faster reaction due to better integration with the Stellar network.

SLT has got the new Wallets

At the start of  May Lobstr wallet added SLT as a top asset. SLT Token has also joined Astral Wallet.  Lobstr is a Stellar-based wallet that aims to provide 4S model to their users – it is simple, safe, smart and secure. SLT has become one of the three featured assets in the Lobstr wallet. The app allows users to start a new wallet or to reconnect the existing account to Lobstr. Having a web version, Lobstr is available in Android app for free on  Google Play. iOS app users can download it from the Lobstr website.

SLT has become one of only three available assets in Astral wallet. Now SLT token holders can use Astral wallet to send, receive or store the following assets on the Stellar network – SLT, XLM, MOBI. The Astral wallet allows users to easily generate multiple application specific addresses to enable an organization to enhance safety through further decentralized storage of your Lumens and Stellar tokens.

Smartlands Platform expands its team

The Smartlands Platform is pleased to have Rajat Sharma as our business advisor for Asia, giving his insight on developing the Smartlands business network, and the issues it can face in the Asian region. With over 14 years of experience in Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and IT services, Rajat is currently working as the Head of Sales and Alliances (Southeast Asia and South Asia) for eBaoTech Corporation, one of the most innovative digital insurance platform companies. He is an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology and believes in the role cryptocurrency can play in any industry as a change agent for future. Learn more about Rajat’s full vision of the Asian market.

Suggested reading

How can the real economy companies make the most of the crypto revolution to attract investments to be able to grow the current business faster? Globally, it is one of the main questions for investors. The classical finance world has undoubtedly changed after the appearance of the Bitcoin. There is no way back. Assets tokenization with the Smartlands Platform provides a set of opportunities and benefits for real economy companies. We are developing a way of transforming the real-world assets into the digital ones. Learn more from the article Assets Tokenization is the Future of Investment Banking.

Tokenization in agriculture and manufacturing

We are on the threshold of the new economic era: business can be freed from the complex, time-consuming and costly investment process. Recently the German online bank Bitbond announced we can transfer a loan anywhere in the world using bitcoin and other cryptos.  UK-based HSBC has completed the world’s first commercially viable trade-finance transaction using blockchain. What does it mean? You can use blockchain technologies within the bank-disintermediation space. This will change trade-finance industry forever reducing money and saving time. Now a couple of hours to complete a transaction will be enough. Full material is here.

Next steps

As previously mentioned, the Smartlands Platform will continue its cooperation with the international legal firms to develop the legal framework. In June the team and the legal partner will be working on the assessing and initiating cooperation with advisors, finalizing the structure of the transaction and, if necessary, on the fine-tuning of the issuance structure and cooperation with the token holders’ trustee.

What will be central to our software development in the nearest time is the improving of the Wallet and developing voting for decentralized management.

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