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Recap of the Roundtable discussion “How Ukraine will become the world leader in the NFT technologies market”

March 31, 2021: Smartlands participated in the NFT event in Kyiv.

Our Non-Executive Chairman, Martin Birch, took part in the roundtable discussion during the event called “How Ukraine will become the world leader in the NFT technologies market” that was hosted by Blockchain Art, DAO CypherBank. 

Smartlands is a pioneering alternative investment platform, getting ready to launch its real estate project in Ukraine and developing an SME tokenization program. The Smartlands management team is constantly on the lookout for new asset classes to which the Smartlands IP can be applied to increase real demand for the SLT token further as new ventures are added to the Smartlands ecosystem. One such area is the NFT market, and after the conference yesterday, several meetings were held with potential new JV partners. Naturally, we will keep all interested parties informed as and when new MOUs and contracts are signed.

Martin Birch presented the Smartlands platform as the way art and NFT could be bridged.


More about the event.

Ukraine has every opportunity to become a world leader, a functional platform for creating and using NFTs. The country is rich in creative and technological talents and will shortly have national legislation governing digital assets.

Within the framework of the round table, the 3d World BlockchainArt Hackathon was launched. The Hackaton aims to create 7000 digital works of art.

“The first two BlockchainArt Hackathons brought physical art creators closer to blockchain technology. Today, this mission is more relevant than ever. The third BlockchainArt Hackathon will again be international but in an online format. Artists from all over the world will create 7000 symbolic oak trees in NFT, based on the idea of ​​the outstanding postmodernist Joseph Beuys, striving to remove the boundaries between people and to unite them, ” —  said Aida Dzhangirova, the Managing Partner at Blockchain Art.


The event was covered by 1+1 Media, one of the biggest news media holdings of Ukraine.