Smartlands Answers Investors Call, Reduces Minimum Investment

The closer we get to the launch date, the more overwhelming is the response from small and medium investors to the Project Nottingham on Smartlands. People with a few hundred pounds or euros in the bank and a dream to become a property investor welcome us into their lives and rejoice at the chance to start small and grow their fortunes on the Platform.

However, for the majority of Smartlands investors, £1000 is not small enough. While preparing to launch the public sale of shares in the purpose-built student accommodation complex in Nottingham, we’ve received numerous requests (suggestions, even pleas) to reduce the amount of initial investment, which would allow for more financial flexibility, and, ultimately, bring more small and medium investors to the Platform. With that in mind, beginning May 2, the minimum investment threshold on the Platform is going to be set at £500 (or an equivalent in any fiat currency or cryptocurrency accepted on the Platform).

“We’ve been pondering reducing the minimum investment on the Platform for some time now,” comments Smartlands CEO Arnoldas Nauseda. “In our opinion, this measure answers the unanimous call from our investors to ease the financial burden, and, more importantly, to allow smaller investors to free up funds for the upcoming projects. So, it’s safe to say that this action was long in the making, and we’re basically just dotting an “i” to answer the community call in time for the public sale.”