Smartlands Business Development Team Brings Unicorn Vision to Consensus Blockchain Week, Presents STO at the Tokenized Assets New York Event on May 12

During the Consensus Blockchain week, the Smartlands team will participate in a number of exciting industry events rubbing elbows with the best and the brightest of the blockchain space the world over, and we are starting early.

Before presenting our strategic development ecosystem “Unicorn Vision” during Consensus on May 13, on May 12 Smartlands will be sponsoring the Tokenized Assets New York event where we will be taking center stage presenting our STO.

“We are shaping the future of investment space creating the Brand vision for complete transformation of the very definition of the market. And we have a lot to show for our efforts.” says Smartlands CMO, Viktor Ishkov. “Our ultimate goal was the development of a completely different investment experience via a mix of technology and infrastructure, digitizing every asset class. We’re excited to be among the pioneers in the space, it’s a great opportunity for our investors, and a greater honor for us.”

The Smartlands business development team will use the Tokenize New York event to conduct pre-arranged meetings with investors to notify them of the current opportunities on the Smartlands Platform, review the latest developments (the launch of the first Wallet for Security Tokens on Stellar) and finalize previously made agreements.

At the event, the team will also participate in discussions on topics covering regulatory climate in the UK, best practices and consumer protection initiatives for companies in the emerging field of digital assets. “Since the early days of Smartlands, we’ve been working bilaterally with influencers and regulators in the digital asset space to outline opportunities for bridging the gap between the “sensible fintech” and the real economy,” sums up Viktor Ishkov.

Smartlands Platform is the only FCA-regulated crowdfunding platform in Britain leveraging the blockchain technology for issuance of security tokens allowing investors to use both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to fund their bids. Also, with a minimum investment threshold of 500 GBP (or an equivalent in any fiat currency or cryptocurrency accepted on Smartlands), our Offering of tokenized shares in a student accommodation complex in the UK targets retail investors who stand to benefit immensely from the Smartlands model of fractional ownership of assets.