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Smartlands changes logo, remains faithful to agricultural sector

The rapid pace of development of the modern economy and the overwhelming choices for the consumer, make the visibility factor of a good or service on the market an all-important one. For a company to be perceived by both the general public and competition as a formidable player, it has to possess that unique something that screams value, benefits, innovation. Usually, this “certain something” is reflected through the brand identity.

We’ve designed our corporate style from the very beginning based on the aforementioned considerations. Initially, the focus of the project was the tokenization of the agricultural production sector only. But after the token sale, Smartlands had received an astonishing number of requests for quotes and estimates from almost the entire real sector of the economy, and we were happy to oblige.

The main idea of the Smartlands platform is still the tokenization of agriculture. However, in the process, we were convinced of the need for mutual integration with the real economy assets, which are firmly related to agriculture. In other words, we feel that our platform should be suitable not only for farmers, grain growers, and horticulturists but also other real economy companies that have well-suited assets for collateralization and need in financing. After due consideration, we’ve decided to expand the platform coverage to the real economy assets because this approach is ideally suited to our tokenization model. 

But we do not in any way renounce agriculture – and the new logo is created precisely to confirm that notion. We are expanding our services into the tokenization of the assets of the real economy since we do not want to deprive the SLT owners of excellent opportunities, but still, the tokenization of agricultural assets remains our highest priority and the main idea.

Accordingly, the tree in our new logo is no longer a specific plant, which points to the Smartland’s exclusive involvement in the agricultural sector. Rather, it is the emblem of growth, prosperity and unlimited opportunities for Smartlands Platform, SLT token holders, perspective ABT investors and our partners.

We wanted to preserve something that’s is already familiar to our current investors. Therefore, we’ve decided to keep both the color gamut, the specific spacing, and some other characteristics of pictographic logos, designed to awaken the imagination rather than just “show a picture”.

In conclusion, here is what we’ve tried to express in our new logo: the platform’s decision to provide an opportunity not only to the agrarians but the entire real economy sector. These changes will create an opportunity to expand the circle of the token-issuing companies, provide higher quality ICO projects, give investors a chance to better diversify their portfolios and hedge the risks.