Smartlands changes name to Definder

reflecting big goal to become the largest tokenization platform globally

The company aims to expand beyond real estate and agriculture and tokenize a $1tn worth of assets

LiechtensteinDec 13, 2021Smartlands, a leading international asset tokenization platform, announced today that it is changing its name to Definder at the holding company level to better reflect the company’s move into ever more different spheres of business and new geographical areas.

The company has established leadership in the real estate and agriculture tokenization market, becoming the first to tokenize a UK property on the Stellar network. It is now looking to capitalize on the growing demand in the projected $17tn alternative assets market and expand its offering to other business directions, such as physical goods including art and gold, SME company shares and other profitable assets.

Commenting on Smartlands’ rebrand, CEO, Ilia Obraztcov said: “After successfully pioneering real estate tokenization in the UK, we have seen huge demand for a more diverse set of offerings, along with overwhelming support from our customers actively signing up to be the first to get access to the new opportunities. The company, as well as its ambition, has outgrown its initial niche and will be adding more areas of interest to the portfolio as we are working towards our goal to tokenize a trillion dollars worth of assets.”

Smartlands by Definder will continue with its existing business of tokenizing real estate and agriculture as a new platform that will democratize access to real estate investing for individuals and offer a range of investment opportunities across Europe. Built on the Stellar network, it employs advanced blockchain technology with fast and secure transactions and smaller transaction fees. With over 1500 investors on the waitlist, 20 000 followers and an overwhelming pipeline of sound and profitable real estate projects, the platform is set for release in early 2022. Definder as a holding company will unite all the products and business directions of the company. 

The rebranding and the launch of a renewed company website allows us to gain a stronger position among DeFi companies. It is important to retain our established values and heritage, but at the same time, the new brand will reflect the growth and offering of the company. Definder stands for the new way in investing and crowdfunding, it will defend the rights of the asset owners and all types of investors for transparent and easy capital management and will help to find the best investment option for anyone,” commented Nataliia Britten, company CMO.

About Definder

Founded in 2017, Definder (formerly known as Smartlands) is an international group of companies that leverages blockchain-based tokenization to unlock liquidity for asset owners and opportunities for investors, building the future of decentralized finance in Europe and beyond. The company’s mission is to democratize how the world invests in real-economy assets. Definder launched their first STO in 2019 and closed the sale of security tokens in a student accommodation block in Nottingham, UK, and has since made substantial progress in launching a scalable international tokenization business, having inlined the strategy, the legal framework, and the technology itself.