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Smartlands is Coming to Blockchain Solutions World 2018 in Barcelona

On October 16 Barcelona will once again become the Blockchain capital of the world and Smartlands will be right in the thick of the action rubbing shoulders with the best and the brightest of the global Blockchain community.

For those who tread the tides and currents of the blockchain technology Blockchain Solutions World needs no introduction. The rubber will once again meet the road in Barcelona where the captains of the most technologically advanced industries come to network with VCs and digital gurus creating lasting partnerships, solidifying relationships, and making business deals that will result in real-world use cases, new technologies with sharp focus on logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, connected transport, healthcare, entertainment, and government.

Smartlands personified by its fearless leader, Arnoldas Nauseda, will participate in Blockchain Solutions World in several capacities – as an exciting panelist for some, as a business partner for the others, as an enthusiastic host at the Smartlands booth for the rest of the forum. And every chance he gets, Arnoldas will present to the world his vision for the future of asset tokenization on Smartlands and leaf through the seemingly countless benefits of Stellar integration for doing it. In short, it will be a blast!

Asset tokenization through Security Token offerings is rapidly taking over the crypto space yet, as cryptocurrencies in their nascent state, security tokens need to be well-defined and explicitly deciphered for the community before replacing ICOs for good. And, since Smartlands is going to be at the forefront of a global asset tokenization movement, we will be in Barcelona on October 16 defending an idea of issuing security tokens for the real economy right here on the Smartlands platform.

We’ll see you at Fira Barcelona!