Smartlands Launches Validator on the Stellar Network

Smartlands joins the stakeholders of the Stellar network: SDF, IBM,, Stronghold, Satoshipay, and others by launching the validator on the Stellar network. The validator helps secure the network and validate transactions allowing the Smartlands Platform to exchange information with the Stellar network directly.

Smartlands’ validator contains Stellar ledger, which is also used by other validators to reach consensus. Stellar is the only notable platform that is using the Federated Byzantine Agreement to reach consensus so far.

How Exactly Validators Work on Stellar

Validators dedicate their resources to the entire network. A consensus method, which Stellar uses is called the Federated Byzantine Agreement meaning that various nodes that belong to the network can validate miscellaneous transactions and come to an agreement over all transactions. One validator can approve a transaction and make it public. In the end, if all trusted validators accept the transaction, it can be added to the ledger.

The Advantages of the Validators

Any project can launch its validator on the Stellar network as well as choose their own validators to trust. A running Stellar validator can positively impact the Platform and entire network as follows:

  • Improve the stability of the network. A larger amount of validators on the Stellar network makes it much harder for ill-doers of any kind to bring the network down or interrupt its activity. Stable work of Stellar network is crucial for the success of the Platform.
  • Running own custom Horizon is necessary to fulfill the specific functions of the Platform, while horizon requires a core (validator) to operate.
  • Support/Maintain operations of the network in extraordinary situations when some nodes may be offline due to various issues.

Stellar is working to speed up the adoption of the blockchain technology, and Smartlands is proud to be part of the Stellar network that allows creating inexpensive financial products.

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