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Smartlands October Achievements, Triumphs, and Updates

Once again, welcome to another edition of Smartlands newsletter, your monthly recap of our best breaking news and updates pushing our Platform forward.

Undoubtedly, October’s main event was the signing of Cooperative Agreement between Smartlands and IIP Securities*, a US-based broker-dealer – an achievement that’s impossible to overstate. The move allows Smartlands to use IIP’s broker-dealer license for accessing US capital and sell securities issued on the Platform to accredited US investors.

The CA with IIP will further facilitate investments on the Platform turning Smartlands into a global investments and digital banking ecosystem.

Following the recently announced Smartlands strategy for global expansion, the company also plans to open an office in the US and acquire a major share in IIP Securities in order to fortify Smartlands’ position on the US market.

Additionally, access to IIP’s broker-dealer license will allow Smartlands to explore the possibilities behind Reg S, Reg D, Rule 144A, Reg A and create the framework for enabling US-based companies to conduct compliant STOs on Smartlands as well as provide US citizens with access to investment projects structured with a UK-based SPV.

Yaroslava Tkalich, Smartlands CMO, comments: “We have already created a proprietary solution for fractional ownership of the real economy assets for most jurisdictions around the world. Today, working with a FINRA-licensed broker-dealer, we’re in a position to provide US investors with a huge array of brand new opportunities.”

Smartlands rounds up current projects, invites investors to participate in project selection: Smartlands has been carefully designing its investments platform, the investment guidelines and policies, including efficient due diligence procedures, so that investors and asset owners may take full advantage of the scrupulously vetted opportunities… read more

Smartlands to tokenise investment fund focusing on precious metals: Smartlands plans on taking another step in developing its global investment ecosystem by tokenising the Fund that will acquire physical gold or shares of a relevant Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)… read more

Smartlands plans to raise capital for global scaling: Smartlands announces plans to raise capital through the sale of an equity stake in own Holding company. The capital will be used to continue its global development and reach the target of $1 billion in tokenised real economy assets by the end of 2023… read more

Smartlands tokenises disruptive fund, invests in mid-stage fintech startups: the next tokenisation project on Smartlands is going to be the Disruptive Fund that invests in mid-stage technology startups. The fund plans to acquire minority stakes (up to 20%) in companies involved in the target industries, which are on a particular stage of development, and are showing provable growth potential… read more

Tokenisation of green bonds is a major benefit for issuers and society: In a July 19 blog post, Smartlands made a point of paying special attention to companies involved in greentech and vowed to “contribute to sustainable global agro-economy, eco-conscious property developments and other sustainability projects in the most vulnerable areas of the world…” read more

By 2030 millennials will control $20 trillion in assets globally, banks, investing platforms are struggling to catch up: By 2030, Millennials are expected to hold five times as much wealth as they do today, controlling as much as $20 trillion of assets globally. Their parents, the baby boomers, are set to pass down another US$30 trillion by 2050 in North America alone… read more

IPOs are slow, expensive, and cumbersome. Is STO a better way to crowdfund investments? IPOs may look like a perfect means of raising funds money to secure the future of your company. When taking a closer look, businesses realise the significance of the undertaking, and how only the largest of businesses are in a position to benefit… read more

*Partnership with IIP Securities has been suspended