Smartlands Platform Signs Partnership Agreement with Vilnius Blockchain Centre

October 30, Vilnius, Lithuania – Smartlands, a worldwide security token issuance platform, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Vilnius Blockchain Centre. Through this partnership, Smartlands Platform will receive a unique opportunity to promote its upcoming tokenization project utilizing resources, connections, and facilities of VBC while increasing the Centre’s visibility across the blockchain space. One of the first joint actions by the Smartlands Platform and Vilnius Blockchain Centre will be the participation of Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO Smartlands Platform, and Antanas Guoga, VBC Founder and EU Parliament MP, in Equity Token Standard Workshop in Brussels on November 28-29. The workshop’s objectives are to formulate policies and guidelines regarding Security Tokens issuance for the Eurozone’s commercial space.

The partnership envisages a series of actions by both companies to familiarize investors, partners, and members of the Smartlands Platform community with asset tokenization, its benefits and advantages over any other modes of investing online.

“The reason we’re particularly happy about the partnership,” says Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands Platform, “is that one of the real estate properties we’re considering for tokenization is a modern office building located in Vilnius. Our involvement with VBC will be the perfect opportunity to gauge the locally sourced interest to the project in real time and with the invaluable input by the Vilnius blockchain community as an impartial guide.”

On the practical side of the partnership agreement, the senior staff and advisors to the Smartlands Platform will have an open invitation to speak at the Vilnius Blockchain Centre events including but not limited to the Business Insider Event, Oslo Innovation Week, MITA Innovation Week, #SWITCH! creating valuable brand awareness opportunities. The partnership puts VBC’s multiple channels of communication with the community (10K+ reach on Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Newsletter) at Smartlands Platform’s disposal.

“We are excited to be working with the Smartlands Platform,” remarks Eglė Nemeikštytė, CEO of Vilnius Blockchain Centre, “because both companies have plenty to offer. Smartlands is a global platform for issuing security tokens on Stellar, we have the clients and partners in  Shanghai, Melbourne, Sydney, Colombia, Dubai and, of course, Vilnius, who are looking precisely for the opportunities Smartlands is offering. We are both looking to expand, and we both have mutually beneficial business connections with multiple startups, legacy business, public sector companies, government officials, legal, and others. In other words, we’re a perfect match!”

About Vilnius Blockchain Centre

VBC is rightfully accepted as one of the most important informational hubs for the Central- and Eastern European blockchain community having organized 60 events in 7 Months, #SWITCH! being the largest with 15K+ attendees, 1K+professionals, and 75 high-level speakers from 15 countries. More than 450 people will attend the upcoming at the end of November event in Brussels with policymakers, regulators and blockchain entrepreneurs.

On the Centre’s invitation, more than 150 international speakers have visited Vilnius and participated in Centre-organized events with 3500 attendees from 30 countries. VBC enjoys constant attention form such industry specialty publications and media giants as Forbes, Politico, Business Insider,, Delfi, Zmones, Baltic Times, FinExtra, Fintech Baltic, Sensor Mag, CoFounder Mag, and others.