Smartlands Platform Team is Headed for Blockchain World Solutions in Barcelona

Our recent interactions with the global commercial real estate manager Colliers International is an indicator that Smartlands Platform is moving in the right direction. But we had to be sure. So this week we’re headed for one of the largest blockchain-v-the world conferences, that’s going to take place in sunny Barcelona.

For those few who are unfamiliar with Blockchain Solutions World, one figure: over 14,000 delegates will visit Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue from October 16th to 18th this year alone to immerse themselves in the blockchain goodness. Over 30 speakers will provide unique insights into the world of the most modern tech there is, showcasing the impact blockchain has in diverse industries.

Our very own Arnoldas Nauseda is going to speak at the conference and participate in panels on the future of real estate on the blockchain, the outlook on financial services, energy sector, healthcare, the entertainment industry, government, and many others. He and the rest of the the Smartlands Platform business development team will explore in depth how this fairly nascent technology will affect the future efficiencies and re-define revenue models.

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