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Smartlands Platform to Participate in Money 20/20 Asia, Reveal Details of STO

With only a week until the doors to Money20/20 Asia open, Smartands is thrilled to invite you to take a final look at what we have in store for those who will be joining us in the celebration of our achievements.

On March 19th, we’re excited to welcome you to our booth H30 where we will present to you the Smartlands latest, namely, the thoroughly updated Smartlands Platform website and ‒ drum roll ‒ the details of the first STO for private investors, which will be officially launched at Money 20/20 Asia. We know, you have all been patiently waiting for this moment, and we are grateful for your fortitude. Now it’s time to get your reward!

For three days, our booth H30 will stand as a communications hub where you’ll be received as an honored guest and a desired partner. Think of it as a scaled-up proverbial watercooler ‒ a traditional spot for thought exchange. Here you can pick up a radically updated brochure, request a presentation or other product materials and chat the company officials who are always looking forward to creating new contacts.

There will be a special event for private investors, institutional investors, funds and other mutually interested parties. For now, we’d like to keep the details to ourselves, but you can find out all about it by special request at our booth H30.

And of course, let’s not forget the surprise announcement we have promised you earlier. The announcement, which will greatly affect the future of Smartlands and its strategic plans, will take place as scheduled but, again, to find out the exact details, the time and a place, you are going to have to stop by booth H30 and say “Hi!” to us in person. We’ll see you there!