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Smartlands Roadmap 2.0 – Update

It is customary to overhaul and update one’s strategic goals at the onset of a given period. If done at the beginning of January for the entire year, it’s called a “New Year’s resolution” and forgotten as soon as the weather precludes us from visiting the gym. However, the difference between an individual’s promise to self and a roadmap for a business is glaringly apparent: as a business, we bear the responsibility for multiple individual goals. We have to summarise and account for the actions of the past to better facilitate future results.

With that, we give you the update to the Smartlands Roadmap 2.0 we presented to you in July:

  1. It’s important to point out that the majority of our strategic goals remain unchanged. Our top goal is still the continuous development of Smartlands + Smartee as a global investment and digital banking ecosystem, which entails:
  • Launch of new offerings on Smartlands
  • Development of Smartee with regular roll-outs of new features
  1. The plan to list SLT on Binance DEX is still on the table, but the response we received from the community (regarding pre-ordering SLT on BDEX) is fairly discouraging, which prompted us to transfer the Binance DEX listing from our top tier tasks to the backlog. 

The same goes for Bittrex. We welcome any opinion on both listings, but we have to gauge your interest against our immediate and strategic business goals. Given the lengthy and expensive process of listing a token on an exchange and the resulting would-be $5-a-day trading volume, the decision was made to postpone the move until there’s conceivable viability behind it.

  1. Our planned expansion to the US market is at full force; however, the partnership with IIP Securities does not present the range of benefits we were counting on at this stage. We will resume the search for a viable partner to assist Smartlands in providing access to digital shares issued on our Platform to accredited investors in the US.

Please, feel free to review the updated roadmap here and give us your feedback via the usual channels. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to directly exchange opinions with the Smartlands community and consider our close connection one of the greatest achievements over the last two years. Let’s make it even tighter in 2020!