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Smartlands Rounds Up Current Projects, Invites Investors to Participate in Project Selection

Not long ago, blockchain and DLT have burst into our lives, opening new opportunities for the investors on the asset as well as the infrastructure side. For the last two years, Smartlands has been carefully designing its investments platform, the investment guidelines and policies, including efficient due diligence procedures, so that investors and asset owners may take full advantage of the scrupulously vetted opportunities we create and embrace the concept of fractional ownership of digital shares in multiple types of physical assets.

Smartlands is now in the position to disrupt simultaneously several sectors of the real economy as well as the financial markets. In full accordance with the recently published road map for strategic development, we have updated the pipeline of projects soon to be made available to every accredited investor on Smartlands. The projects include:

Tokenisation of the Investment Fund focusing on precious metals

The upcoming project will entail tokenising £5,000,000 equity pool in the UK-based Fund aiming to acquire bullions of precious metals or shares of ETF representing such bullions in the most efficient manner. The Fund’s return will follow the return of the basket of the precious metals as indicated in the table below, less the expense rate. Historically CAGR return over the last 20 years of such basket was 7.4%, though past performance is not indicative of future results.

Metal Share
Gold 70%
Silver 20%
Platinum group metals 10%


Tokenisation of the  Disruptive Fund focusing on investments in mid-stage fintech startups

The fund plans to acquire minority stakes (up to 20%) in companies involved in the target industries, who are on a particular stage of development and are showing proovable growth potential. With respect to the after-IPO average disruptor’s return of 35% (CAGR) or 350% in total over five years, conservatively, the Fund aims to achieve 25-30% rate of return on the fund level. 

Tokenisation of the UK-based Fund specialising in industrial logistics properties in the UK

The upcoming project will entail tokenising £5,000,000 equity pool in a UK-based Fund aiming to acquire, manage and selectively develop a last-mile industrial property with identifiable and solvable problems. The properties are going to be located within 10 miles of consumers, businesses and key infrastructure in one of the densely populated areas of the UK. The fund is targeting a 13% to 16% Gross IRR, a 1.5x Gross Multiple and a 6% to 8% current yield with a maximum of 65% fund-level leverage.

All three projects are a continuation of the Smartlands’ strategy for global expansion and are in no way limited in scope, scale or geography. Furthermore, we intend to add several more opportunities to the roster of tokenisation projects on the Smartlands platform before the year’s end. As you know, our areas of interest include agriculture, both commercial and residential real estate in the broadest understanding of the term (construction, development, renovation), extraction of natural resources focusing on oil and gas drilling, social impact bonds, and energy sector with an emphasis on green tech. 

As a close association with the community is one of the cornerstones of the Smartlands business model, we invite you to voice your opinion on the approach Smartlands should take selecting upcoming projects and further diversifying its pipeline. We value your input very much and hope that you will help us prioritise our tasks for optimal resource allocation, more expedient process, and better returns. Please, join us at and let’s prosper together!