Smartlands Team Joined Oxford University’s Fintech Programme

Oxford University’s Fintech Programme begins today, and we are happy to announce that we will have team members attending. The Programme is a series of discussions, lectures and seminars, given by some of the industry’s best minds. A range of appropriate topics will be covered, from mapping the future, through to current ongoing innovations.

In conjunction with GetSmarter, Oxford University’s Saïd Business School will be the home to this discourse for over 10 weeks. With speakers from large corporations like Mastercard and Lloyds Bank, alongside leading academics such as Nir Vulkan and Alex Pentland, the Programme is positioned to be one of the most important FinTech discussions as of this date.

So, where does Smartlands come in?

Smartlands will have representatives attending the Programme. These team members will participate in any and all aspects of the course available, with several goals in mind:

Showcasing Our Platform

Asset tokenization will naturally appear in topics throughout the 10 weeks, and we are in a great place to discuss it wherever possible. Many other aspects of the FinTech scene will impact and be impacted by asset tokenization, so even things that seem unrelated on the surface-level can have deep positive or negative repercussions. The idea of low-risk high-potential tokenized assets is made into actuality via our technology, and showcasing this will be a key focus for us in discussions and seminars. Add into this the core qualities of crowdfunding, and we truly have something unique, interesting and exciting to show off to peers, partners and future contributors.

Learning the Best Practices

By attending the Programme, we are not simply wishing to find another avenue to showcase our developments – we want to cooperate, learn from, and discuss topics with other companies and brains. The concept of a rival is being ever outdated in the FinTech scene when it comes to asset tokenization, and we want to be at the forefront. One of the best ways to do this, is to listen, discuss, and learn. Huge companies, such as the aforementioned Mastercard and Lloyds, will have R&D teams researching what our whole company does in actuality – we want to gain insight via their case studies, whilst applying our own experiences and technology.

Improving Our Business Model

A rigid business model is a failed business model, especially when in the case of FinTech and cryptocurrencies. We aim to have a flexible and ever-adapting one, to overcome rapid developments our technology and industry can bring. By being exposed to so many different currencies, locations and representatives at the Programme, we will be able to tailor our business model accordingly. We can combine our current vision with the insights of other industry experts, in order to ensure our business model operates most efficiently in the current FinTech climate. We believe asset tokenization is the way forward, so by applying as many other business ideas as we can to it, we can hopefully create the perfect amalgam.


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