Smartlands to Partner with Blockchain Center Vilnius for Stellar Meetup Event

It’s not like we need yet another reminder to confirm the ICOs imminent exile, but here it is. ICOs are gone. Forget about ICOs and let’s focus on security tokens on Stellar (where else?).

Smartlands will join the Stellar Meetup event in Vilnius, Lithuania, titled “Security Token Offering on Stellar Blockchain: discover new opportunity.” If you are a blockchain investor/enthusiast and happen to be somewhere in Europe on October 3, make sure to catch a €9.99 flight to Vilnius to be in the know. The best and the brightest of the Stellar international community of digital entrepreneurs, developers, and VCs will spend the evening soaking up much wisdom, networking, and having an awesome time in great company.

We’ll hear a number of blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and developers discuss the clear advantages of Stellar for asset tokenization, setting straight those few who still think ICO is the way. Smartlands’ own Arnoldas Nauseda and Viktor Krekotin will clock down the legal aspects of an STO and illuminate the essential differences between ICO an STO, and that’s just for starters.

To us, the Meetup is a perfect chance to crystallize the Smartlands’ message: soon the legal framework we’ve been working tirelessly on will be in place and in a few short weeks we are going to be ready to tokenize our first project. Investors welcome!

A special shout-out to our friends at the Blockchain Center Vilnius for hosting the Meetup. It’s a well-known fact that Vilnius is one of the largest blockchain centers in Europe and you make this simple truth even more palpable.

Let’s all continue with our efforts to shape the Stellar community in Europe!


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