UK-Based Platform for Issuing Digital Securities, Smartlands, Plans to Raise Capital for Global Scaling

London, September 10 ‒ Smartlands – a blockchain-based global investment platform that uses a brand new financial instruments – digital shares (security tokens) announces plans to raise capital through the sale of an equity stake in own Holding company. The UK-based fintech company intends to use the capital to continue its global development and reach the target of $1 billion in tokenised real economy assets by the end of 2023.

Smartlands was created in late 2017 with the goal to make the investment process accessible to more retail investors. “With the help of the blockchain technology, we now can turn your right to own a share of any asset in any asset class into a tradable digital security token. Your part is to have a bank account or crypto wallet. At Smartlands, we call it the concept of “fractional ownership”,” says Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands.

Over just two years, the Platform managed to create a FCA-regulated security token issuance mechanism based on its proprietary technology and designed for crowdfunding or private  investments in diverse sectors of the real economy. 

Smartlands Platform is the first in the world to tokenise a property in the UK, issue digital shares, and conduct an FCA-regulated offering of those shares on the global market. “We’re happy to report over 10K wallets created and 30+ investment projects in our pipeline. Smartlands Platform is FCA-regulated, and we enjoy the support of over 16K strong Smartlands community,” says Yaroslava Tkalich, CMO of Smartlands.

Today Smartlands Platform’s goal is to transition from a digital securities issuance platform to a Global Investment and Digital Banking Ecosystem. The company plans to get to the next level by continuing to build a highly desirable product and acquiring the best talent on the market. In efforts to create a holistic global investment ecosystem, Smartlands plans to launch Smartee – a Smartlands-powered digital banking service with Payment Cards, Current EUR, GBP and Crypto accounts, Fiat and Crypto Exchange and worldwide payments. 

“Today we continue to bring together asset owners and investors by implementing our proprietary mechanism for issuing of blockchain-based securities backed by digital ownership of shares in multiple asset classes,” says Ilia Obraztcov CTO of Smartlands. “Our strategy was and is to perfect crowdfunding investments to the extent of complete global financial inclusion. However, a year ago, while our plans were nothing short of grand, the absence of the actual product meant almost negligible valuation. At the initial stages, Smartlands was only a dream of a handful of digital entrepreneurs who deeply believed in the transforming power of the blockchain technology. Today we have a proven marketable business case. We built an international team of top tier specialists. We’ve formed a state-of-the-art legal framework that we consider one of our greatest achievements”. 

Previously Smartlands released the updated roadmap for strategic development and revealed additions to the pipeline of investment offerings in commercial and residential real estate, renewable energy, agriculture, technology and other sectors with the target of $100 million of tokenised assets by the end of 2020.

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About Smartlands Platform Ltd

Smartlands Platform Ltd operates as a blockchain-based worldwide security token issuance platform for the real economy of the 21st century. Smartlands Platform Ltd benefits global financial markets by providing a unique proprietary solution for fractional ownership in virtually any asset class with a focus on higher-yield investments. Founded in 2017, Smartlands is based in London, UK. Like any investment platform, Smartlands cannot guarantee profits or revenues, and potential investors should obtain their own professional advice. For more information, please visit

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