September Newsletter

Discover the latest news from Smartlands Platform:

Smartlands Platform Developments and Plans of Security Token Projects in South East Asia

The Smartlands Platform team visited Singapore to participate in conferences and business meetings. The team is now building relationships with businesses that are set up to start tokenization, and issue security tokens in the South East Asia region. The Smartlands Platform team is working to establish a legal framework, as well as joint venture or its subsidiary to enable to onboard projects in the region, and fast forward the negotiations of asset tokenization. In addition, we will form significant partnerships with companies that the team met during the Blockchain Summit Singapore, and also during Rajat’s business development activities in the region. Read more

Freda Bielske Joins Smartlands Platform as VP of Marketing

September is a month for team growth here at Smartlands Platform, as we announce our latest team member, Freda Bielske, our VP of Marketing. She is joining us from the fintech company Ferratum Group, where she worked as a Marketing Manager responsible for developing and executing marketing strategy for financial products in 8 countries. Read more

The Smartlands Platform Team Welcomes Ilia Obraztsov as a VP of Technology

In September, Ilia Obraztsov joins Smartlands Platform as VP of Technology. Prior to joining Smartlands Platform he has been working as CTO at Pando Innovations, a California-based outsourcing company, helping numerous startups from Silicon Valley to deliver cutting-edge cloud-based solutions. He has a long record of technical success stories, managing products, serving hundreds of thousands of users and maintaining strict information security regulations. Read more

Arnoldas Nauseda: 60 Days at The Helm of Smartlands Platform (video)

We sat down with Arnoldas Nauseda a few weeks ago in July when he was taking over Smartlands Platform as CEO. Today we get a chance to meet with him again. Read more

Smartlands Platform Further Improves Wallet Security with Ledger Nano S Integration

The Smartlands Platform has improved its wallet security through integration of Ledger Nano S making Smartlands Platform fully compatible with Ledger, which allows any transaction to be compliant with the highest standards of security.
The Ledger Nano S integration enables Smartlands Platform users to fully benefit from this popular hardware while using the native Smartlands Platform wallet. Read more

Smartlands Platform Partnered with Blockchain Center Vilnius for Stellar Meetup Event

It’s not like we need yet another reminder to confirm the ICOs imminent exile, but here it is. ICOs are gone. Forget about ICOs and let’s focus on security tokens on Stellar (where else?).
Smartlands Platform joined the Stellar Meetup event in Vilnius, Lithuania, titled “Security Token Offering on Stellar Blockchain: discover new opportunity.” If you are a blockchain investor/enthusiast and happen to be somewhere in Europe on October 3, you should have made sure to catch a €9.99 flight to Vilnius to be in the know. The best and the brightest of the Stellar international community of digital entrepreneurs, developers, and VCs were there soaking up much wisdom, networking, and having an awesome time in great company. Read more

Why Stellar is Best Suited for Asset Tokenization

As Smartlands Platform is getting ready to tokenize its first project in the upcoming months (perhaps, even weeks) and everything is moving so fast, we feel a constant need to clarify and explain things to many different folks and adjust our knowledge base almost in real time. In other words, had we been operating in the 80s, the phones would be ringing off the hook – “what?”, “where?”, “who?!”.
On the one hand, it’s exciting to experience this level of interest from those looking for new ways to invest. However, when it comes to securities, investing, and investing in securities, there can’t be anything even resembling a difference in opinion. Precision and due diligence are critical to wealth creation. Read more

Smartlands Platform is Coming to Blockchain Solutions World 2018 in Barcelona

On October 16 Barcelona will once again become the Blockchain capital of the world and Smartlands Platform will be right in the thick of the action rubbing shoulders with the best and the brightest of the global Blockchain community.
For those who tread the tides and currents of the blockchain technology Blockchain Solutions World needs no introduction. The rubber will once again meet the road in Barcelona where the captains of the most technologically advanced industries come to network with VCs and digital gurus creating lasting partnerships, solidifying relationships, and making business deals that will result in real-world use cases, new technologies with sharp focus on logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, connected transport, healthcare, entertainment, and government. Read more

Smartlands Platform Updates Lightpaper To Accommodate Latest Developments on The Platform

The updated Lightpaper revises the approach to the Smartlands Platform focus industries – commercial/residential real estate and agricultural assets along with several other real economy industries. With the developing legal framework and ongoing negotiations with potential investors, Smartlands Platform has taken a broader look at its long-term plans, which prompted the update.
The updated Lightpaper is much more conducive to a better understanding of the Smartlands Platform business model and is designed to shorten the gap between the Smartlands Platform community and multiple real economy sectors with an emphasis on legal compliance. Read more…

Smartlands Platform CEO Arnoldas Nauseda Completes Oxford Saïd Business School Fintech Programme

It never hurts to learn a thing or two, especially at Oxford Saïd Business School. Governed by that principle, Smartlands Platform Platform CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda, has taken two weeks out of his hectic schedule to complete a digital program for executives and entrepreneurs called “Oxford Fintech Programme.”
The program was developed by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, in collaboration with a leading online education provider GetSmarter in recognition of both the threats facing traditional banking careers and the myriad of opportunities emerging in the fintech space. Naturally, Arnoldas couldn’t pass on this opportunity to get even smarter and enrolled. Read more…

What’s Coming to the Smartlands Platform in October

We’ve finalized and about to announce a partnership with one of the top global law firms. The plans for further developing the legal framework for tokenization projects on Stellar are underway.
We’re coming to the Blockchain Solutions World happening in sunny Barcelona to rub shoulders with the best and the brightest of the blockchain-meets-industry world and to present the Smartlands Platform’s case for tokenizing assets on Stellar to the community.
We’re preparing for the announcement of the first tokenization project on the Smartlands Platform. The statement should come as soon as legally possible, and our legal team works day and night to make it happen.
We’re getting ready to stake the Smartlands Platform’s claim at the Singapore Fintech Festival and, although it’s in November (12th to 16th to be exact) we feel like announcing our participation early enough for you to gather your questions and hit us up on Telegram.