Smartlands monthly roundup: March newsletter

Hi everyone, this is our March edition of Smartlands monthly – your source of the news and updates on all our projects!


We are getting closer and closer to announcing our launch date!
It is inspiring in every way. But let’s see what is done by now and announced lately.


Smartlands and BIG U announced new partnership.


The partnership will enable Smartlands to move beyond being a real estate investment platform to offering ICOs on behalf of Ukrainian companies across a wide number of sectors. Increasing the number of ICOs will also have the effect of increasing fees for Smartlands and thus demand for the Smartlands Token, SLT.

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Business Incubator Group Ukraine (BIG-U) and Smartlands.


It is envisaged, the Smartlands platform will expand its scope from just high yield quality real estate into several different areas creating a separate trading platform to reflect each category as follows

  • High yield quality real estate (equity)
  • New development real estate projects (equity)
  • SME platform (equity)
  • Tech platform (equity)
  • Debt trading platform (Debt)

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Recap of the Roundtable discussion “How Ukraine will become the world leader in the NFT technologies market”.


Our Non-Executive Chairman, Martin Birch, took part in the roundtable discussion during the event called “How Ukraine will become the world leader in the NFT technologies market” that was hosted by Blockchain Art, DAO CypherBank.

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Smartlands announced SLT listing on the Atomars exchange.


Starting from the beginning of March, SLT is available for exchange on Atomars. This trading platform is popular in Eastern Europe and Asia; it provides easy access to 150 cryptocurrencies.

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