Smartlands monthly roundup: October newsletter

Hi everyone,
Another productive month has passed, and we are back with our October edition of Smartlands monthly.

Our ambitious aim and a new phase of launch are the best drivers. So our team members have been and are working hard to make things happen in every aspect needed for retail investment launch, including technical development, legal and financial procedures, potential assets onboarding, marketing.

Please enjoy the summary of our recent news.

Smartlands announces first steps into the Asia-Pacific region after signing an MOU with InvestaX.

Smartlands and InvestaX announced the signing of an MOU to drive the adoption of digital securities and build an ecosystem for digital exchanges that allows for interoperability amongst such exchanges to cross-list tokenized digital security offerings.

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Please find the press release on our partnership posted by InvestaX.

ICC Membership

Smartlands joins the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

In essence, the ICC gives Smartlands a new sales and marketing channel to promote our asset tokenization platform directly to business leaders across all sectors of the economy. After all, real-estate assets are not just held by real-estate firms; Smartlands expects to find many platform clients from big businesses who own commercial real estate and other assets that can be tokenized, and we will find many of these opportunities through the ICC.

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SLT Wallet update: Ledger Nano compatibility.

Our technical team is pleased to deliver another upgrade of the SLT Wallet. With this release, a long-awaited Ledger compatibility feature becomes available, and keeping SLT in the wallet on the Smartlands platform is now even more secure.

This update was deliberately planned for this month to provide an opportunity to stake from November 1 for everyone who keeps their SLT funds in the wallets protected with Ledger.

The process of logging in with a private key remains unchanged. To be well prepared to use the new functionality, please see below the description of the simple steps on how to access the SLT Wallet with your Ledger device.

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This month our Kyiv team moved to a splendid office space.

Our Ukraine-based team has moved to the new office in the modern business blocks of the historical part of Kyiv. Astarta Organic Business Centre will be our main base till we expand further on.

As always, please, feel free to give us your feedback on social media or the telegram community. We appreciate your involvement and interest.

And see you soon to give you more news on our ambitious projects shortly,

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