Smartlands Platform Newsletter: November

Hey, all, what a month! The most important news would definitely be the community vote on the pipeline of projects selected for the first tokenization, the roll-out of new features and updates to the Smartlands Platform,  and our First Anniversary, but we’ll let you pass your own judgement. Here are some of the November highlights we felt we should share with you.

Partnership Agreement with Vilnius Blockchain Centre

Smartlands, a worldwide security token issuance platform, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Vilnius Blockchain Centre. Through this partnership, Smartlands Platform will receive a unique opportunity to promote its upcoming tokenization project utilizing resources, connections, and facilities of VBC while increasing the Centre’s visibility across the blockchain space. Read more.

Stellar Meetup at FinTech Connect in London

The Stellar Meetup on Dec 7 is going to be a thing of beauty with a roster of speakers that will make the most sophisticated, the most hard-core Stellar exceptionalist salivate. Not to spoil things, but so far, we have confirmed appearances by Viktor Krekotin, Strategy Advisor to the Smartlands Platform, Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands Platform, Sam Robinson, Partner at CMS Lawyers, Matthew Williamson, Head of Fintech at Thistle Initiatives. Read more.

Community Vote on Smartlands Platform’s Pipeline of Projects

Smartlands Platform announces the conclusion of the community vote on the pipeline of projects presented to the SLT holders on October 31. We wish to extend our utmost gratitude to the Smartlands community for a great turn-out. The overwhelming numbers of the participants in the vote signify the immense interest of the community to work Smartlands Platform has been doing for the last year as well as the deep personal belief of each voter in the outcome of our enterprise. Read more.

We Celebrate Our First Anniversary

November 17, London, Level39 Building – Smartlands Platform, a global Platform for asset tokenization on the Stellar network, wants to congratulate the community with the First Anniversary of the Smartlands Platform. We want to take this opportunity to reflect on important milestones of Smartlands and share its most significant achievements with everyone who stood by us through thick and thin. Read more.

Smartlands Platform Updates, New Features Ready for Roll-Out

It’s been a vertiginous but awesome ride from the announcement of the Smartlands beta to a fully functional and KYC/AML-compliant platform whose core functions are designed to transform the entire security token landscape. We’ve spent an enormous amount of time polishing up the existing features and adding new ones to address virtually every issue in the security token space. Read more.

Equity Token Standard Workshop in Brussels

At the invitation from our friends and partners from Vilnius Blockchain Center, on November 28-29 the international Smartlands Platform team will converge on Brussels to participate in the series of Equity Token Standard workshops. Read more.


Even though Christmas is coming and we all realize full well that it’s time for “corn poppin’” rather than thinking about innovative ways of creating wealth, our plans for December are, for lack of a better word, grand.

We’ve finally settled on technical and legal parameters of KYC on the Smartlands Platform and will be rolling out the process to the early birds shortly.

We also have plans for Binance coin, the early feedback on its participation on the Platform is overwhelming, but we wanted to hear about it from the rest of the community. We will dedicate to Binance some special attention in the nearest future, in the meantime, feel free to express your point of view through our usual communications channels.

Well, this should do it for now. And of course, our undying love to you all. It’s hard to show true sincerity when we talk as often as we do, but believe us when we tell you: you’re the heart and soul of the project, and we’re thrilled and extremely proud to have you by our side. Happy First Anniversary to us all!

Talk to you soon