Smartlands Platform Newsletter: Special Edition

Dear friends!

It is a great pleasure for us to declare the month of March a tremendous success for the Smartlands Platform and congratulate you, our investors and community, on a job well done. We’ve managed to keep all of our promises: you believed Smartlands will launch a security token issuance platform and stuck with us, and we’ve launched a Security Token Offering in full accordance with our roadmap.

The Offering and the beginning of the private sale – in which  investors reserve larger investment tranches – were announced on March 19 at the Money20/20 Asia event in Singapore and immediately became a triumph. Let’s double down on our efforts and make the upcoming public sale (which is planned for early May, we’ll keep you posted) an even greater success.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their input once again. When we were polling the community as to which path we should take for a better, more fluid and comprehensive  engagement in trusted transactions on the Smartlands Platform, you showed us the right way. We are happy that we’ve chosen purpose-built student accommodation as our first tokenisation project. It was a brilliant decision that we have all partaken in!

We shall continue on the same course. Our immediate plans include the work on obtaining an MTF license, which will be the final step towards achieving liquidity for security tokens issued by the Smartlands Platform on the Stellar Network. On April 12-13, we are going to be presenting our tokenisation project at the Property Investor Show at London’s ExCel Exhibition Hall. And of course, we are laser-focused on the iminent  Offering for the tokenisation of the PBSA building in Nottingham, England. Our great partners at Shojin Property Partners are already filling the pipeline with six more projects to be tokenised before the year’s end, so, let’s all get to work!

Always yours, Smartlands Platform team

Here’s the rundown on everything that’s happened on Smartlands in March:

Smartlands Platform Signs Partnership Agreement with Globacap

London, March 1, 2019 ‒ Smartlands, which is seeking to become a global platform for security token issuance, is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Globacap, a UK-based blockchain security issuance platform specializing in enterprise-grade custody and administration solutions. Globacap is authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Read more

Smartlands Platform Participated in Money 20/20 Asia, Revealed Details of STO

On March 19th, we welcomed you to our booth H30 where we presented to you the Smartlands latest, namely, the thoroughly updated Smartlands Platform website and ‒ drum roll ‒ the details of the first STO for private investors. We know, you have all been patiently waiting for this moment, and we are grateful for your fortitude. Now it’s time to get your reward! Read more.

Smartlands Close to Acquiring Shojin Financial Services Limited, First STO Underway

London, March 18, 2019 ‒ Smartlands, an aspiring global platform for security token issuance, is thrilled to announce the forthcoming acquisition of a major stake in Shojin Financial Services Limited.

SFS is a London-based company that in 2017 received an investment license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) allowing SFS to raise capital globally via crowdfunding. This mode of fundraising is becoming increasingly popular with the business community, individuals, professional investors, institutional investors, funds, and other entities. Read more.

Smartlands Platform Native Token SLT Listed on Bittrex International

London, March 19, 2019 ‒ Smartlands, an aspiring global platform for security token issuance, is happy to inform investors in digital assets that the Smartlands Platform’s utility token, SLT, is available for trading on the Bittrex International trading platform beginning March 19, 2019.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Bittrex International team for its insight into the bright future of the Smartlands Platform and the company’s proactive attitude in reaching a partnership to achieve a common goal. Read more.

Arnoldas Nauseda and Stellar’s Jed McCaleb Discuss Smartlands’ Strategic Plans on the Margins of Money20/20 Asia

As you all know, the reason for our coming to Money20/20 Asia was to announce the launch of the Smartlands STO campaign and declare to the world that our FCA-regulated Platform is fully ready to swing for the fences.

A lesser-known reason for us to come to Singapore was to meet with our old friend, a true inspiration for the Smartlands cause, the brainpower behind Ripple, Stellar, and a few other groundbreaking blockchain apps, a bona fide rock star of crypto Jed McCaleb. Read more.

Smartlands CEO Arnoldas Nauseda Meets IBM’s VP of Blockchain Jesse Lund to Discuss Collaboration

Singapore, March 20, 2019  ‒ Being one of the largest fintech gatherings in the space, Money20/20 Asia is often used as a podium for exciting announcements. This year IBM had a big one and sent here its VP of blockchain Jesse Lund to formally present to the packed venue and the rest of the world IBM’s brand new Stellar-based cross-border payment solution aptly dubbed World Wire. Read more.

Smartlands STO Generates Huge Interest at Money20/20 Asia

One doesn’t just visit Money20/20 Asia or participate in it. Think of it this way: if Bilderberg club shapes global economic policy for the year and Davos presents that policy to the world, then Money 20/20 is one of the leading workshops that cradle those responsible for its direct implementation. So, it’s much more than just another expo with a bunch of excs chasing the same dime. No, sir! For three days, some of the most in-demand speakers in the FinTech space engaged the community in a series of debates, discussions, and panels with the goal of forging an intellectual, technological, and practical roadmap for the next year of planetary development, and Smartlands was right in the thick of it. Read more.

Smartlands is Coming to Property Investor Show 2019 in London

With the private sale of shares – where larger investors can reserve investment tranches –  of purpose-built student housing property in Nottingham underway, Smartlands takes the show on the road with the purpose of presenting this brilliant investment opportunity at the Property Investor Show 2019 in London.

PIS 2019 is the perfect venue for promoting the current project as well as for explaining the intricacies and unique benefits of the Platform, and onboarding asset owners. Read more.

Smartlands In The Process of Obtaining MTF License, Gets One Step Closer To Own Security Token Exchange

As you know, the first Security Token Offering on the Smartlands Platform is underway, and we couldn’t be happier that it has attracted so much attention from investors, asset owners and the Smartlands community. But, once the security tokens are issued and purchased, the most beneficial part of the process is to make them available for trading on the secondary market. After all, it is liquidity that makes security tokens such an attractive proposition; the fact that your fractional ownership of any asset is now irrefutably represented by a piece of code on the Stellar blockchain makes digital ownership of that asset highly agile, easily transferable and tradable for profit. And, since making money is the primary reason we’ve all become investors, the importance of understanding the mechanism of creating a difference between the amount spent and the amount gained is impossible to overstate. Read more.