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DF Platform

P2P crowdfunding marketplace for startups and SMEs

Smartlands Platform

is a platform for tokenization of objects of the real economy

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Join the Revolution of Staking with DF Platform
Join the Revolution of Staking with DF Platform

LP Staking

To become a member of LP Staking, you need to deposit at least 200 USDT worth of DNT/USDT (100 USDT and 100 USDT in DNT tokens) in the dex Pancake swap liquidity pool and hold it in the pool for at least 30 days.

Safe Staking

The safest and easiest form of staking in the history of cryptocurrencies. Create a new account in your wallet and make a DNT purchase on any DEX platform for at least 200 USDT. Do not move tokens from your account for at least 30 days.

Our developers have created a bot that track the daily data about adding participants to each type of staking. The bot will automatically check the necessary parameters and add them to our registry.

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DF Platform