4 Ways to use DF Platform

The use of blockchain technology has completely changed how businesses handle their operations. At every single stage of the business process, including capital raising, accounting, paying out salaries and dividends, issuing financial instruments, and ensuring business transparency, blockchain can be used. As a result, we’d like to share with you more information about how our users can use the platform for their own needs now.


Support meaningful projects

Many people have the capital to invest in cryptocurrency but not the expertise, and many others have the expertise but not the capital. 

Funding is vital because it encourages rapid innovation through collaboration.We can create opportunities for the next generation of creators working on real economy sector projects.3

Definder platform establishes an ecosystem where the parties interact and can support one another, resulting in a synergistic impact. This gives startups a chance to stop worrying about raising money and to concentrate entirely on their products. Investors should have direct access to exciting projects at an early stage so they may influence them and ensure their implementation.


Meet the best experts in your field

On Definder platform, people come first. Professionals from other fields can comment on your proposal and highlight its advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, you are a skilled marketer and recognized the project’s potential. Following your convenient financing of this project, you will have access to the product’s working chat and be able to advise the development team on how to make marketing as effective and affordable as possible. Additionally, a public relations specialist will participate in the same discussion and contribute his in-depth knowledge.

We end up with a product that has a pre-existing marketing as a result. 

Just imagine a community of people who share knowledge, create quality products and make money on it.


Get involved in DF platform community

Within the DAO, all decisions are made collectively. You can always suggest improvements for your project, and if the rest of the community votes for them, they will be accepted.

This principle is radically different from the election of members of the government: the electorate votes only for candidates, but does not decide on the adoption of new laws. Instead, the DAO proposes to vote on exactly the changes that need to be made to the protocol, without the need to delegate power to any person or group of people.

All choices that have an immediate impact on the project’s development will be made by our community. You will have direct access to the project’s progress, including the staff, marketing, and development.

The blockchain stores information about every transaction, and any user can always examine what’s happening on the network. Therefore, DAO is not only decentralized, but also transparent.


Get rewarded for supporting projects

Your startup can already be referred to as a company if it has begun to generate revenue. We also wish to assist our platform users in becoming richer by making smart investments in worthwhile initiatives in the economic real sector.

We intend to concentrate on the most lucrative asset classes, such as start-ups in the real economy’s knowledge-intensive sectors of genetic engineering, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Investors and founders will both be able to make money using our platform. Our platform assists you in locating excellent investment possibilities and provides you with a thorough overview of the initiatives you are funding. This implies that you have an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge ventures that were not previously available for investment at an early stage. These investments are the most lucrative, as we all know.


In conclusion, the Definder Platform focuses on opportunities with a variety of facets for startups, investors, and the community. Although we seem overly ambitious, this is precisely what is necessary to carry out our purpose. Our goal is to democratize global investment in the assets of the real economy sector.

We’ll show you a beta product this month that will allow you to evaluate the platform’s performance on your own. We are proceeding as planned and have no intention of stopping. We appreciate you being here.