Discovering the Definder 2024 Journey: A Year of Stable Growth

Hello Definder Community!

As we reflect on the twists and turns of 2023, we are filled with gratitude for the unwavering support from each of you. It was a challenging year, marked by unexpected hurdles, but together we persevered, evolved, and are now thrilled to unveil the Definder 2024 Roadmap — a glimpse into an upcoming year brimming with growth, strategic partnerships, and user-centric experiences.

Building a Solid Foundation (Q1)

New Leadership, New Horizons:

In the first quarter, a transformative shift awaits as we welcome a seasoned CEO with extensive experience in fintech. His analytical acumen and strategic mindset promise a trajectory of stable development, guiding Definder toward visionary milestones.

Full System Audit:

Conduct a full system audit including a technical overview, legal restrictions that will enable the platform to list real projects, infrastructure limitations, a system for capturing the value of the token, infrastructure for investor value, and Infrastructure for the project off-ramp.

Onboard Key Hires:

Good things happen with a great team. That’s why we’re bringing in new talents across marketing, partnerships, and product teams. 

Strategic Partnerships for the Win (Q2)

Hello Europe! ECSP Regulation 2020/1503:

In the second quarter, Definder sets its sights on Europe, diligently pursuing the EU crowdfunding license (ECSP Regulation 2020/1503). This landmark achievement opens new doors for opportunities across the continent, aligning Definder with global financial standards.

Tokenization Real Estate Partnership:

With a refreshed vision, Definder is returning to its core mission. We are recommitting to the realms of tokenization and real estate. Recognizing the advantages of partnering with experts in real estate tokenization, we’re forging collaborative relationships with a distinguished real estate firm. 

Partnership with Digital Marketing Agency:

A strategic partnership with an esteemed digital marketing agency will be established to execute integrated campaigns. This collaboration aims to elevate Definder’s market presence, communicating our value proposition effectively and extending our reach.

Integrate with Leading Fintech Payment Provider:

Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce the integration with a leading fintech payment provider. This collaboration is designed to facilitate smoother interactions for both our project and users within the platform. By prioritizing simplicity and user-friendly processes, this integration is aimed at making participation in projects and investments more straightforward. 

Pilot Program Launch (Q3)

Investing for Everyone:

Third quarter means fast high-yield real estate projects under $500K. Our focus includes unique strategies like non-fixture hospitality, Glamping, Ghost Kitchens, and fulfillment centers. Additionally, Q3 will see Definder providing investment opportunities in both tokenized and direct real estate ventures, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Stay tuned as we introduce these projects and collaborate with the community to identify the most intriguing options for you. 

New Tier Based Reward and Referral System:

We’re introducing a gamification program, referral incentives, and a token model for rewards and governance. We’re also committed to developing liquidity pools to enhance the trading and liquidity ecosystem within the Definder platform, providing more opportunities for our community to engage and benefit. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about having a good time while making smart financial moves.

Building Our Community:

Expanding our social media presence and community events is a priority. The third quarter is all about building connections and making sure you feel right at home with Definder. We will focus on providing a comprehensive market overview and newsletter on a weekly basis. And have some good projects to shill for all other communities and spread the word out. 

Growth & Optimization (Q4)

Continuously Improvement through Data:

Data is our guide. We’re committed to data-driven optimization and agile development. Definder’s vision extends beyond immediate wins; it’s about building a stable, enduring business. Stability forms the bedrock upon which we can grow and innovate while providing a reliable and secure platform for our community.

Team Expansion and In-House Capabilities:

In this quarter, Definder is focused on expanding its team to enhance in-house capabilities. We are bringing on board new members for in-house marketing, real estate analytics, and a legal team to strengthen our foundation and support future endeavors.

Hello New Investors:

Q4 features targeted marketing campaigns to attract new investor demographics. It’s about expanding the Definder family and empowering users with comprehensive onboarding and educational resources, equipping investors with tools for informed decision-making. 

2024 Focus Areas

  • Strategic partnerships for credibility and reach
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance across markets
  • Marketing, advertising, and community building
  • Enhanced token model for participation and governance
  • Onboarding and educational resources for investors
  • Data-driven optimization and agile development

As we look forward to the Definder 2024 journey, it’s not just about plans; it’s about co-creating the future with our community. From new leadership to strategic partnerships and exciting forays into real estate tokenization, Definder is set for a year of growth and innovation. Your feedback will guide us as we introduce new features, ensuring that Definder remains a community-driven platform.

Cheers to a year of possibilities and progress!