New technology for the investment industry


DF Platform

is an information business platform

Smartlands Platform

is a platform for tokenization of objects of the real economy

Attention: Scammers!

Our consistent success causes the rogue elements, who credit themselves with belonging to the Smartlands Platform, to multiply. Please be aware that none of the promotional programs publicized by channels other than those below come from the Smartlands Platform or its affiliates.

The only official communications channels between the Smartlands Platform and the rest of the world are:

The official Smartlands Platform Twitter account

The official Smartlands Platform Telegram channel

The official Smartlands Platform Facebook page

The official Smartlands Platform LinkedIn page

The official Smartlands Reddit page

The official Smartlands Platform Medium page

Please, be careful and caution your friends, business partners and the rest of the community that using any unauthorized means of communication with the Smartlands Platform and participating in unauthorized activities (airdrops, bonus programs, etc.) may cause an unsuspecting individual to lose their privileges with us.

The Smartlands Platform team will NEVER ask you for your private key, will NEVER advertise airdrops or similar promotional activities, will NEVER ask you to deposit funds in any wallet.

If you wish to belong in the inner circle on the Platform, the only shortcut to take is to log onto and go through the KYC process as soon as possible to get whitelisted for the upcoming first tokenization project!