Definder announces the dissolution of its partnership with Empire State Capital Partners

Kyiv, Ukraine, January 19, 2022: Definder announces the termination of its contract with Empire State Capital Partners and its managing partner, Martin Birch. 

The extended team of the consultants has fulfilled all the agreements and reached the planned targets, and from now the strategic development will be implemented by the internal team of Definder. New appointments to our team are planned for the coming month. 

“We are grateful to the Empire State Capital Partners team and especially to Martin Birch for the contribution to the strategy of Definder company and helping get us to this point. We will make the most of it and push it further on.” – commented Ilia Obraztcov, CEO of Definder. 

All the projects, undertakings, and forthcoming SLT listings at the exchanges remain in accordance with the plan. The company is following its strategy and the roadmap announced earlier. We will announce new strategic partnerships and significant cooperations in the Ukrainian market in the nearest time.

About Definder

Founded in 2017, Definder (formerly known as Smartlands) is an international group of companies that leverages blockchain-based tokenization to unlock liquidity for asset owners and opportunities for investors, building the future of decentralized finance in Europe and beyond. The company’s mission is to democratize how the world invests in real-economy assets. Definder launched their first STO in 2019 and closed the sale of security tokens in a student accommodation block in Nottingham, UK, and has since made substantial progress in launching a scalable international tokenization business, having inlined the strategy, the legal framework, and the technology itself.